Accidents with Rental Cars
It’s the last thing we expect to happen and perhaps the number one reason why we reject that additional coverage when we go to rent a car. Unfortunately, while you might be a considerate and careful driver, there are many others out on the roadways that aren’t. Many accidents that transpire aren’t necessarily caused by us, rather, but the others who simply are being negligent and inattentive while driving.
If you were recently involved in an auto accident with your rental car in Pueblo and are seeking some legal advice on the matter, we can help you. Below is some brief information regarding what you can expect, however, we do suggest that you get your free consultation scheduled with one of our accident lawyers in Pueblo, Colorado just to discuss the matter and determine if the agency if trying to have you pay for more than the damage is worth.

Your Insurance is Key in the Matter

Whether you elected to purchase the supplemental insurance coverage which will usually run you about $10-$15 for each day you have the vehicle in your possession will have a big impact on what you are responsible for. Let’s say you didn’t purchase that coverage, which many people don’t, and you have your own insurance policy that is in effect. What role will your insurance company play in the matter?
In the state of Colorado, a driver must be carrying a minimum amount of liability insurance and these limits are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury.
  • $50,000 per accident per bodily injury.
  • $15,000 per accident for property damage.

Your liability insurance is what is responsible for covering the medical bills as well as the property damage you may have caused to the other driver when you engaged in the auto accident with the rental vehicle. So, even if you didn’t purchase the supplemental coverage, your liability coverage will still come into play. As far as getting the rental repaired, well, that all depends on what type of coverage you have for yourself. Your comprehensive and liability may also come into play, however, depending on the type of vehicle you own compared to the vehicle you rented will definitely impact whether you have enough coverage to compensate for the damages.
If you are renting a new, luxurious rental and your vehicle is a bit dated, your coverage limits might not be enough to cover the amount of damage. It all comes down to your policy, the accident, and how serious it was. Our Pueblo, Colorado accident lawyers have been approached on numerous occasions with concerned individuals who have been asked to pay thousands of dollars for vehicle damage even though they have insurance coverage on their own personal vehicle.
The best thing you can do is check with your insurance agent, read through your policy, and if there is still a discrepancy, contact one of our reputable and reliable Pueblo, CO accident attorneys featured on our site. They can help you better understand what rights you hold as a rental customer as well as the rights the rental company has.