Charleston, SC – People who have to drive as part of their employment have to be concerned with the possibility of accidents while on the job and any related consequences that they may face. They can still contact an attorney for legal help related to the process of filing a civil lawsuit. They may also be able to file a workers compensation claim, along with bringing a personal injury case against the individual or entity at fault for their losses. Injuries that happen on the job can implicate a number of different areas of the law, so it is important to only contact an attorney with experience in these types of cases. 

Drivers getting involved in work related accidents

When a commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, the employer will almost always be attached as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. There are tort law doctrines that make businesses liable for the actions of their employees while they are actively working. Some companies purchase special high risk insurance policies for this reason. They may also decide to discipline the worker depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident, but they cannot retaliate against the worker for filing a workers compensation claim or exercising any other protected rights. The driver should also ensure that they did not violate any regulations related to their commercial driving privileges, as the government takes a more active interest in incidents that involve commercial vehicles. 

Meeting with an accident lawyer

Regardless of the status of the employee or the accident victim, it is always possible for victims to retain their own lawyer and start the process to bring a civil case. This will help pay for their medical problems, property damage, and other financial issues created by the incident. The lawyer will attempt to argue for the maximum amount allowed by law through a settlement agreement or jury verdict if the case goes to trial. 

The process of a workers compensation claim

When a commercial driver is injured on the job, they may have to take steps to file a separate workers compensation claim to receive their lost wages. Employers are generally required to have workers compensation insurance, and this is meant to cover lost wages when someone has suffered from a legitimate work related injury. Some employers may require a drug test and investigate to make sure that the employee was engaged in their normal job duties when the injury happened. 

Finding a local lawyer who focuses on injury lawsuits and related claims

There are attorneys in the Charleston area who dedicate their law practice to assisting people who have been hurt in various types of accidents. The Clekis Law Firm is experienced in helping victims bring civil cases and receive compensation for their losses. 

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