Common Causes of Left-Turn Accidents in Miami, Florida

Left-turn accidents are a common type of collision that occur often on U.S. roadways, even in Miami. These accidents have a tendency of causing severe property damage and injuries as one vehicle is often traveling at a much faster rate of speed than the other. In some cases, two drivers may be traveling extremely fast, putting both the drivers and their passengers more at risk of sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Some common causes of left turn-accidents include:


  • A driver who attempts to turn left on a yellow light while drivers continue to drive through their light.

Drivers will sometimes attempt to go through a yellow left turn signal to avoid having to wait for their next green light. Unfortunately, there are drivers who are traveling from other directions who also don’t want to wait at a red light. When two drivers refuse to stop at their yellow light and instead try and go through it, it increases the likelihood of them colliding with one another.


  • Drivers miscalculate the time they have to safely make their turn before encountering oncoming traffic.

Instead of a driver waiting until the road is clear and it is safe for them to make their left turn, some motorists will attempt to beat traffic to avoid having to wait. Unfortunately, some drivers miscalculate the amount of time they actually have to successfully perform the maneuver and wind up getting hit by oncoming traffic.


  • A driver traveling from either direction who attempts to speed through a yellow light to avoid getting stuck at it.

Some drivers would prefer to speed through a yellow light rather than stop and wait, which is a risk they shouldn’t take. When a driver speeds through a yellow light, they could encounter another driver who is making a left turn before their light turns red.


Should a driver hire a Miami, FL accident attorney if they were involved in a left turn accident?


If a driver was struck by another vehicle while they were making a left turn or by a driver who was making a left turn, they should consult with a Miami, FL accident lawyer to find out if their injuries warrant compensation. While drivers are permitted to make left turns when they have the right of way, they must only do so when the maneuver is safe to make. When a driver neglects to make a left turn when it is clear for them to do so or the turn is not made from the “extreme left-hand lane lawfully made available to traffic,” the driver can be held financially liable for any damage or injuries they cause.1

An accident victim who is looking to hold another driver accountable for causing a left turn accident can contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. to find out more about how they can do this as well as what their case might be worth.


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