It’s easy to get distracted while driving in a car. Your mind is probably focused on a conversation you had earlier on in the day or you are trying to make plans for what you need to get accomplished in the days to come. In today’s society, drivers have become far too focused on things that may have a significant importance, but shouldn’t be dwelled upon while operating their vehicle. Unfortunately, is it easier said than done seeing that “nearly 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes involve some form of distraction” in the state of Kentucky according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
Distracted driving accidents are the most common types of crashes that occur. The Louisville accident lawyers at the Troutman Law Office can help anyone who may have been in a distracted driving accident.
Are you guilty of engaging in any of these forms of distracted driving?
Below are some of the most common distractions Kentucky drivers have been guilty of engaging in provided by the Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving.

  • Texting
  • Using their cellphone
  • Trying to tend to your children’s needs
  • Eating and/or drinking
  • Engaged in conversation with other occupants in the vehicle
  • Grooming
  • Reading
  • Using a GPS
  • Watching videos
  • Making adjustments to the car’s entertainment system

Some distracted driving facts you may not have known

  • Did you know that as of December 2014, 169.3 billion text messages were sent every month? And among all those messages sent, many were done while a person was driving their vehicle.
  • The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet also highlights that “hand-held or hands-free cell phone use while driving delays reaction time as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of 0.08 percent?”
  • Kids are four times more of a distraction than traveling with an adult passenger and infants are eight times more distracting to the driver.
  • Your brain activity is reduced by 37 percent when using a cell phone and driving your vehicle.

Reducing the number of distractions
As you know, a car accident can happen in an instant. There are many motorists around you taking part in these same types of distracting activities which means the risk doubles when you do as well. To avoid getting caught in the midst of an auto accident, always remember to leave your cell phone out of sight while driving and focus on the road.
Injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver?
If you were recently involved in a collision in the Louisville area and are looking for some legal input on how to get your claims filed and compensation paid out, you are going to want to consult with an experienced accident attorney in Kentucky. Troutman Law Office helps distracted driving accident victims in Lexington and Louisville and can assist you in any way in regards to your accident case.
You can contact the personal injury lawyers at Troutman Law Office simply by calling 502-805-0321. If you are injured and feel your claim isn’t being handled fairly or properly, speak with an attorney today.

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