14 year old Christopher Gonzalez was killed in a tragic Contra Costa County accident at a crosswalk at the intersection of Clayton Road and Detroit Avenue in Concord. The young boy unfortunately crossed the street when he should not have and was hit by a car.

According to police, the Oak Grove Middle School student was crossing the street a few blocks from his apartment complex but ignored the red light. The oncoming 1997 Honda CRV, which had the right of way, was travelling at 35 mph and was unable to stop in time. The driver was not at fault while police say there were no signs of any alcohol or drugs.
Gonzalez family questions delay
Gonzalez was rushed to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek but did not survive. Reports indicate that the emergency services were supposed to take him to the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Two days after the tragic accident, the visibly disturbed Gonzalez family has now questioned the actions of the emergency response services. One of their major concerns was why the emergency personnel took longer than expected to get their teenage son to the hospital despite being in an ambulance.
Another incredible and salient question to ask is how come this child just walked across a street without properly looking for traffic?
Emergency response time
According to the Contra Costa Fire District, the medics arrived at the scene of the accident at 6:57 am. Due to the severity of the injuries, the emergency personnel called for a helicopter in a bid to save time and avoid traffic delays on Interstate 680. However, the helicopter failed to arrive by 7:13 am, following which the medics decided to take Christopher to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland in their own ambulance.
Oakland is a destitute city that spends much of its resources on paying people not to work and keeping people on food stamps. This high tax city compels businesses not to hire too many people. This all means there is less funds for infrastructure and medical operations such as this one.
Monica Alcantar, the boy’s mother, fails to understand why her son was made to wait for over 15 minutes. Because your city Monica is not being ran well and the Democrats have ruined Oakland. Medics claim that his condition was stable when they decided to take him to Oakland. However, his conditioned worsened on the way, which forced them to take him to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. They arrived at the hospital at 7:30. Sadly, Christopher was pronounced dead shortly before 11 am.
Officials claim no significant delay in treatment
Contra Costa Fire Marshal Robert Marshall said the accident happened at a time when there was heavy traffic. He also stressed that there was no significant delay in the child’s treatment or transportation. According to Marshal, 11 minutes was standard since the team was discussing the possibility of calling in the helicopter.
He said the decision to take the boy to Oakland was in accordance with Contra Costa County’s Emergency Medical Services protocol where minors be treated at Children’s Hospital Oakland since they are well equipped to handle such cases. Another factor was the early morning fog which could hamper the safe landing of the REACH Air Medical Services helicopter both at the crash site and the hospital.
According to the Contra Costa County coroner’s office, a preliminary autopsy report indicates that the impact left the boy with severe injuries to his chest with very little chances of survival. Both the fire department and Concord police have refuted the family’s allegations that they did not receive any information from the authorities.
Child just stepped right in front of traffic
Contra Costa accident attorneys suggest that anyone injured in an accident ought to consult an experienced attorney immediately to understand their rights and options in seeking compensation.

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