A 36 year old Concord woman was arrested after a rollover crash on Treat Boulevard, east of Navaronne Way. According to police reports, the woman lost control over her car which turned turtle twice. A young girl who was traveling in the vehicle was rushed to hospital but remains in stable condition.

Police suspect the driver was intoxicated and was arrested on felony driving under the influence in addition to child endangerment. The suspect was taken to the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez. It is incredible that someone would drive like this with a child in their car.
Woman Motorist Killed in Menlo Park Train Collision
A 30 year old woman was killed in a Menlo Park accident after a car collided with a southbound train at the Ravenswood crossing. The impact of the crash sent the car 40 feet across the intersection. Firefighters were called in to extricate the driver who was pronounced dead on arrival at Stanford Hospital.
An investigation into the accident is being conducted by San Mateo County sheriff’s deputies on Caltrain duty and Menlo Park police. None of the 400 passengers on board the southbound No. 360 were injured according to a Caltrain spokeswoman. Caltrain reported that the gate crossings were functioning properly but were destroyed in the collision.
Problems with Accident Prone Drivers Persist in Santa Clara County
Accident prone county drivers seem to be a menace in Santa Clara County, which officials do not seem to be able to prevent. One park ranger has been responsible for as many as nine of crashes while another struck a motorcyclist five years ago, and had taxpayers pay up $200,000. Following an audit in 2009 the county took measures to identify drivers that caused mishaps costing more than $1,000. However, their efforts at correcting this have failed to produce results as the trend continues.
Accident attorneys suggest that the county isn’t doing enough since a number of crashes have occurred this year involving at-fault drivers with at least one or multiple priors. Statistics indicate that 28 county drivers had multiple priors out of the 200 logged accidents. In some years, accidents involving injuries and litigation have cost millions of dollars, which is why the county needs to take more action against accident-prone drivers.
Hire a Contra Costa Accident Attorney
Contra Costa accident attorneys say that the county has many highways used by thousands of motorists every day. While most people do take precautions, all it takes is a drunk or distracted driver to cause an accident. In the event of an accident, it is important to seek immediate legal recourse in order to know your rights and receive fair compensation for any injuries and losses. Accident attorneys suggest that turning to the insurance company for financial assistance isn’t always the right strategy.
Insurance adjusters are likely to undervalue any damage estimates and may contest or refuse to pay medical bills. This are just a few compelling reasons why it is prudent to consult an accident attorney who has the experience to handle auto accident claims and ensure that insurance companies offer a fair compensation after evaluating any injuries and damages.

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