There are certain criteria a worker must meet before they can file a worker’s compensation and claim benefits under the Alabama Worker’s Compensation Law. If you were involved in a work-related accident, you must meet the Alabama Department of Labor’s criteria to qualify for benefits.
If you need assistance in filing your initial worker’s compensation insurance claim, let a skilled Alabama accident attorney help you.

  1. The employee must work for an employer who is covered with adequate insurance. The law states that most employers who hire less than five employees isn’t required to carry, however, it all depends on the trade of the business. Some employers are exempt from carrying although they aren’t free from being sued.

Some of the common types of work fields in which worker’s compensation benefits may be limited include:

  • Domestic servants
  • Casual employees
  • Farm laborers
  • S. and State government
  • Interstate commerce


  1. You must have engaged in an accident while at work or on the clock. Some jobs require employees to travel or work outside the office which means if an accident occurred without them causing it, they could be receiving the necessary compensation to cover medical expenses accrued for the injuries sustained.

Of course, there are some exceptions you want to be aware of in the event you were just involved in an accident at work. Mobile, Alabama accident attorneys receive cases all the time, some of which aren’t viable as they are a part of this “exceptions” list. Some of the circumstances that would exempt an employee from receiving worker’s compensation benefits includes:

  • The employee displayed willful misconduct which led to the incident.
  • The accident occurred because of a third person or other employee for personal reasons. For instance, if you have a dispute with another employee regarding a personal matter that has nothing to do with work and you get hurt, you more than likely will not qualify for benefits.
  • When an employee brings about an injury to themselves.
  • When the worker is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs.


  1. Your accident must have some connection with your job. You cannot get injured at home and blame your employer for causing the accident.
  2. You must provide notice to your employer within five days, however, most cases allow 90 days to report your incident and injury.

If you recently injured yourself at work, whether it be in the construction field, at a roadway construction site, while driving a vehicle to transport goods, etc., you need to speak with an experienced accident lawyer in Mobile, AL. Depending on your injuries, you may require a significant amount of medical treatment and you don’t want to forgo your chance of receiving the compensation to get it.
If you need legal advice or simply want some guidance in your worker’s compensation case, USAttorneys can help you find it FREE of charge. The Mobile accident lawyers featured on possess adequate experience and training in the field and can provide you with as little or as much help as you need.

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