Millions of car accidents happen in the United States every year. Connecticut alone sees more than 38,000 vehicle accidents yearly. Since the roads are so unpredictable and there is a significant chance that a person will get into an accident, every driver should be educated on what steps they should take after an accident to make sure they are following the appropriate legal protocol.

Following the correct steps after an accident does not only keep a driver on the good side of the law, but they also save a lot of time and significantly increase the chances of a person getting fairly compensated for their actions.

The first step to take after a serious accident is to call the police. A person should clearly state where they are located and what the nearest intersection is so emergency responders can arrive as quickly as possible. If someone is injured in the accident, it becomes even more important to describe the scene of the accident and location properly so there are no unnecessary delays in the arrival of medical help.

A person should also describe the medical condition of everyone involved in the accident so they can be aware of the urgency of the situation. If there is any debris, broken glass, or severely damaged property on the road, this should also be explained on the phone.

After calling the police and giving a summary of the situation, a person should contact an accident lawyer right away and ask them for advice on what they should and should not say once the police arrive at the scene of the accident. If a person gives away the wrong information or says a statement by mistake it could turn the entire case against their favor, so it is in their best interest to consult with a legal professional first.

Will the police always be dispatched to the scene of the accident?


If there are serious injuries at the scene of the accident or if the accident created a traffic scenario that is dangerous to for other drivers, the police will always be dispatched to clear matters up. The drivers involved in the accident have a legal responsibility in Ansonia, Connecticut to remain at the scene of the accident, to share their contact information, and to help any individuals who may have been injured in the collision.

After contacting the police, getting medical help, exchanging information, and contacting a lawyer, a person should try their best to gather as much evidence as possible to help them later in their case. Photographs and videos of the scene of the accident, vehicle details, and the contact information of any witnesses that were present can all be used as evidence.