Accident Lawyers and Attorneys in Connecticut

If you have been hurt in an accident which you believe was the result of someone else’s fault or negligence, and incurred damages or loss as a consequence of this accident then you may be entitled to some compensation. You deserve it right? It is only logical someone is held accountable.

They need to be held accountable so they do not keep repeating the same perilous pattern. This is not right, people should not get away with this sort of thing.

Thanks to the state law in effect in Connecticut, victims of a negligently caused accident have the right to file a civil lawsuit in order to seek and hopefully obtain compensatory damages.

The civil lawsuit could be a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit, or a property damage lawsuit, or even a combination of two or more of these. The type of lawsuit your Connecticut accident lawyer, who can be found on which is a website which continues to help people out when they are frustrated and have been mistreated, will file on your behalf will be determined by the particulars of your case.

We will get you your money back and more

No two personal injury cases are exactly the same just like no two snowflakes are exactly the same, each case is unique and so the approach that you take in order to gather evidence, present the lawsuit in trial and prove your claims and damages will have to be unique and tailored to your particular incident as well.

Our legal counselors are especially skilled in this regard. They have plenty of experience representing victims of accidents in Connecticut and are well versed with state accident laws. In addition, they have excellent track records when it comes to filing successful claims and winning their clients the money they rightfully deserve. Someone needs to do this! It is not your fault this person was not raised responsibly. Well, a lesson needs to be sent.

The laws in Connecticut, not unlike in other parts of the country, will allow one to represent themselves in a civil lawsuit instead of being represented by a legal professional. Unfortunately, many people actually think that they will save money this way and choose this route only to lose their lawsuit and go home empty handed.

Remember that as a plaintiff in civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is on you. It is your responsibility or your legal representative’s responsibility to prove the claims within the lawsuit with evidence and supporting arguments. Only when you successfully prove your lawsuit and show how much damages you have incurred can you expect to receive any adequate compensation.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you take that critical step and consult one of our skilled Connecticut accident legal counselors so you can get this ball moving up the field. Your legal professional will work with you to build a strong and irrefutable claim.

Be wary of settlement offers – talk to us first!

Even in case the defendant offers a settlement, you should be wary about accepting any offer before consulting someone in the legal profession. Don’t this party cheat you twice! Accepting the offer will negate your right to sue in the case. In addition, the amount of money you may be offered could be a fraction of what you could get if you worked with us to file a civil lawsuit, win it, and receive the compensatory damages.

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