How do photos impact an auto accident case?
There are many things a car accident victim should do after engaging in a crash including taking photos. While you may be under the impression that the police report will suffice in proving you weren’t at fault or that it will highlight the pertinent information from the accident, photos also play a significant role and can impact the outcome of an auto accident case. Whether you were involved in a collision with another driver, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist, or a commercial truck driver in the city of Bridgeport, CT it is vital that you take photos following an accident for several different reasons. Some of those are discussed below.

  1. Taking photos of the external scene helps display the true environment of where the accident occurred.

You are going to want to capture everything you can in your photographs of the external scene of the accident. If a traffic light was out, be sure that is pictured in your photographs as well as any other contributing factors that may have led up to your accident. You want to be able to display how the scene of the accident looked moments after it occurred before anything was moved. Accident lawyers can use these photos to help plead your case and prove you weren’t at-fault or help identify other parties or factors that may be the true cause of the crash.

  1. Photos of your injuries will truly depict just how badly you were hurt and help a jury or even your insurance company understand the pain you experienced as a result of this accident.

Sometimes accident victims are forced to take their case before a judge when an insurance company isn’t willing to pay for the damages done at the amount you and your accident lawyer feel is suitable. In other instances, you may have to take your case to court if the at-fault driver is claiming one thing but you know the true cause of the crash. With photos of your injuries, it helps your Bridgeport, Connecticut accident attorney prove your case and help the judge or insurance company understand that this accident has brought upon much more than just a dented bumper or a damaged vehicle.
Accidents are traumatic and can significantly impact how you live your days going forward.

  1. Don’t forget to capture photos of all the vehicles involved.

Sometimes in an accident case, the at-fault party may try and present their side of the story that makes them appear less involved in causing the accident. Aside from getting photos of the entire accident scene and your injuries, you Bridgeport, CT accident lawyer will also want photos of the other vehicles involved. They know how to best utilize these photos and how they can get you the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages done.
If you want the insurance company or a judge to understand how severe your injuries are, having photos of the vehicle that brought them on will help prove your point.
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