I was involved in a drunk driving accident in Hartford, CT. What consequences am I looking at?
Police officers, judges, and jurors are never considerate when it comes to drunk drivers who caused accidents where motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists suffered an injury. The fact is, as adults, we are aware of the fact that alcohol and other drugs inhibit our brains from functioning properly, hence, causing us to become intoxicated. Because we are aware of this, when a drunk driver causes a crash or strikes a pedestrian, they are then viewed as being negligent. And a negligent individual has a better chance of being sued for damages and charged for the crime than someone who wasn’t reckless in their actions.
If you or a family member caused a drunk driving accident and it occurred in the city of Hartford, Connecticut, you will need legal representation throughout the duration of your case. You are going up against people with power and you want someone who too has a voice supporting you and fighting for you. Even though you may have caused the accident and were drunk, having a DUI accident lawyer in Hartford, CT working on your side could result in a decrease of your charges.

Drunk Driving Accident Fatality Statistics

Between 2003-2012, 1,039 individuals were killed in drunk driving accidents according to the CDC, Centers for Disease and Control. That’s 1,039 families who lost someone they love and 1,039 individuals ranging in age who did not have the chance to live out the remaining years of their life. So, you see, many of the lawmakers see these numbers and comprehend it in the same manner which is why the penalties for drunk driving accidents are so harsh. And they only increase in severity as the number of offenses rises.
Now, let’s take a look at what charges a drunk driver might face in the event they caused an accident.

Penalties for Causing a Drunk Driving Accident in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has the right to prosecute a driver who is operating their vehicle while under the influence “with or without any direct evidence of a person’s BAC.” BAC refers to an individual’s blood-alcohol content level, that is, the amount of alcohol that is found in your system. If your BAC is tested and your level is 0.08%, you are considered legally impaired. And in the event an officer finds that you are under the influence of an illegal substances, a few things are going to happen.

  • You will be detained.
  • Your vehicle will be towed at your expense.
  • You will be transported in a police cruiser to the local police station.
  • If your BAC registers at 0.08 or higher, you will be held for DUI.
  • You will be kept in police custody until you are bailed out [Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles].

Some of the consequences you face just for a DUI in Connecticut include jail time, fines, fees, probation, suspension of your license, and having to comply with the state’s ignition interlock device requirements.
These penalties strengthen in severity if you caused an accident that resulted in property damage and/or injury. And for this reason, you do want to have a Hartford, Connecticut accident lawyer available to guide you through your case, the hearing, and the aftermath of your case.

Drunk Driving Penalties for Accidents that Result in a Death

If you are found guilty of causing a drunk driving accident that resulted in a death, you are looking at being charged with a Class C felony. The consequences for vehicular homicide include:

  • 1-10 years in jail
  • A fine to not exceed $10,000 [Source: Madd].

To learn more about drunk driving accident consequences or find an accident attorney in Hartford who can help you, give us a call today so one of our agents can assist you.