You received a call that a loved one was injured in an accident? Now what?
If you recently received a call or were notified that a family member of yours was involved in an auto accident or another type of incident in New Haven, CT where they sustained an injury, you probably are in search of ways in which you can help them through this tragic time. Accidents that occur on Connecticut roadways can be serious and sometimes even fatal and it is important that the victims of these incidents have as much support as possible.
They can get support from you, other family members, health care workers, and even New Haven accident lawyers.

How can an accident attorney in New Haven, CT help your loved one?

While most individuals are under the impression that a lawyer is only needed when a case is taken to court, this isn’t necessarily true. Our New Haven, CT accident and injury lawyers are able to:

  • Help with the entire insurance claims process.
  • Act of behalf of your loved one when trying to recoup the compensation they need after an accident, whether it be from their insurance company or from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier.
  • File a personal injury lawsuit if the injuries are serious.
  • Mediate between you and the other party involved.
  • Review and explain your loved one’s rights as an accident victim.
  • Address any concerns you have and be there to answer questions that might arise.
  • Get a wrongful death claim filed if your loved one was killed as a result of the accident.

Our skilled accident attorneys in New Haven carry a range of skills as they have helped clients who have been involved in work accidents, injured by a city worker, killed on a boating accident, and even suffered in a nursing home incident. Because of the experience they hold and the compassion they provide, your loved one is going to be receiving help from someone who has their best interest in mind and is going to fight for the maximum compensation they deserve.
Unfortunately, accidents occur all too frequently in the city of New Haven, CT and some statistics help identify what some of those are.

Accident Facts for Connecticut

According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, NHTSA, there were:

  • 266 traffic accidents in the state of Connecticut that resulted in a fatality in 2015. 24 of those accidents occurred in New Haven County.
  • 158 were single vehicle crashes
  • 37 involved a large truck
  • 73 involved a driver that was speeding


More Fatal Traffic Accident Statistics

Drivers aren’t the only ones who suffer from fatal accidents. The NHTSA also highlighted some fatal accident statistics from 2015 which are presented below:

  • 154 passenger fatalities transpired
  • 103 impaired driving fatalities occurred
  • 53 motorcycle riders were killed in a fatal accident
  • 45 pedestrian fatalities
  • 3 bicyclist fatalities

If you want to assist your loved one in finding the best accident lawyer in the city of New Haven, CT who will provide them with the legal assistance they might need, has got you covered. With the free services we offer, you could be on your way to hiring a reputable and trustworthy attorney now while your family member focuses on recovering.