Jeffery Fischer succumbed to injuries on his head and torso as a result of a single vehicle motorcycle accident. The 52 year-old was airlifted to a hospital for treatment but was declared dead later that day. The motorist was riding his Harley Davidson on Highway 8 when he accidentally rode into a ditch. The injuries proved fatal despite the fact that he had a helmet on. Alcohol and drugs do not seem like a factor in the crash and he was not impaired in anyway.

Friends and family of Fischer said he was a man that went out of his way for others and that he had several talents and hobbies.
Nebraska traffic accidents fail to reduce, officials point finger at driver complacency
Despite all-out efforts by the state to curb dangerous practices such as drunken driving or driving while texting or talking, statistics show that not much has changed in Nebraska. Reportedly, there were 225 fatalities in 2014 of which 9 were pedestrians, 2 were cyclist and the rest of course were drivers and passengers. In 2007, the number was 214.
The facts have left officials frustrated because their campaigns to increase awareness and law enforcement have not yielded expected results. Beatrice Nebraska accident attorneys believe that there are several factors that contribute to the current scenario.
The officials commented saying driver complacency leads to drunken driving or texting and driving despite the driver being fully aware of the potential risks involved.
24-year old acquitted of careless driving and misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide
Cody Dembinski can breathe a sigh of relief as he has been found ‘not guilty’ of the charges pressed against him. Prosecutors had claimed that careless and reckless driving on part of Dembinski had caused the death of 31-year old Patrick Jurgenson.
Fortunately for Dembinski, his accident attorney was successful in proving that the fatal incident was only a tragic accident and it was not the fault of the driver in any way or form.
Jurgenson was one among the five occupants of the golf cart when Dembinksi made a turn which threw Jurgenson out onto the street and caused a head injury which eventually led to his death.
Corn mash induced accident provokes unique lawsuit or an excuse to file one
It all began when a Nebraska State trooper pulled over a speeding vehicle. The driver of a truck carrying uncovered corn mash saw the trooper’s car parked and abruptly hit the brakes causing the corn mash to overspill onto the road. The state trooper proceeded to call in for help from the firefighters to clean up the mess. The fire brigade arrived and proceeded to sweep the corn mash off the road and onto the shoulder of the road. The state trooper gave the truck driver a ticket, and reopened the road for public use.
The next day, Kaelyn Kimminau drove over the corn mash, which had made its way back onto the road, lost control and ended up in a ditch and emergency rescue workers had to pull her out.
The woman and her husband have now filed a lawsuit against the city of Hastings, the county of Adams, the fire district, the truck driver and his company through their accident attorney. She alleges that the authorities failed to clean up the dangerous condition. But you Kaelyn, failed to drive safely or pay attention to road conditions and some people believe you could have hoped to get into an accident to try to make some money.
If you or someone you know has been a victim of an accident, hire a competent accident attorney using, one of the finest online directories of attorneys that can be found.

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