Every year in Kentucky, over 100,000 people are injured in accidents as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. Of those injured, hundreds more will die from preventable injuries. If you’ve experienced pain, suffering, and loss of wages because of someone’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. But it’s difficult to navigate the legal minefield known as personal injury law. And the area in which you are injured in Kentucky can have a direct impact on the level of compensation the court can award you. It’s crucial that you have a skilled accident attorney working on your behalf. At USAttorneys, we’re not a law firm but a search engine for people like you who’ve suffered because of an accident. When you use our website, you’ll be put in touch with a knowledgeable and dedicated accident attorney who is well-versed in Kentucky law.


It’s tragic to wake up to the news of road accidents now and then. The number of road accidents in America is drastically rising, and it’s high time the citizens start becoming more responsible for avoiding accident circumstances. Road accidents inflict personal injury and vehicle damages, which increases your financial burden. Always hire an accident lawyer to help you during such situations. Read below to know about the unfortunate road accident that took place in Kentucky.


Overview of the significant Lexington road accident


As per the police, it happened in the outbound lanes of the well-known Georgetown road nearby Kentucky Ridge Boulevard. This accident led to the shut down of inbound lanes of Georgetown road at the Berea and Ironworks pike road for two hours as the reconstruction crew worked the scene. The Lexington Police Department stated that the tragic incident resulted from a collision between a car and a motorcycle. After that, the crash took place with each other as they were moving in the opposite direction. The motorcyclist had few life-threatening wounds. Furthermore, as per Lieutenant Ronald Keaton, the car’s driver was not hurt.


A full-fledged police investigation has been launched, according to Keaton. It will determine the cause of the crash and if the driver was faulty or not. For the study to go smoothly, the traffic was blocked on both the ends of the road. The Lexington traffic management advised the drivers and motorcyclists commuting between Lexington and Georgetown to take the I-75. The road was reopened around 9:30 am for the public.

Why hire an accident lawyer


Accident lawyers play a crucial role financially and legally to lessen the blow of the accident you suffered. You have all the legal rights to sue and demand sufficient compensation. As we are praying for the man in the above Kentucky accident to make a safe recovery, it puts many other things in our perspective. Insurance companies can straightforwardly deny insurance claims compensating or recovering for the damages. That’s why you should hire an accident attorney to ensure that your financial resources are not entirely exhausted by paying several bills.  


Final word


The aftermath of accidents is traumatic for the family and the victim. Make sure to hire the best accident attorneys from USAttorney.com after such traumatic accidents. Their highly trained accident lawyers will empathize with you and efficiently handle all the legal matters to save you the headache. Rest assured, you will be handsomely compensated for the pain that you have gone through by the help of USAttorney.com.