Julian Tyler Spears, a 24-year-old Mount Pleasant man was killed in a single car crash where his vehicle veered of the rolled and toppled over before catching fire in a thicket of trees. According to ABC News, the accident occurred near the Berkeley-Charleston County line on Highway 41. Police reports indicate that Spears succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the crash.

A passenger in his vehicle was ejected since he was not wearing a seatbelt and was rushed to Medical University Hospital. Investigations into the accident are being conducted by the state Highway Patrol and Berkeley County Coroner’s Office.
Family of victim questions quality of accident investigation involving Greenville County deputy
As reported by Wyff4.com, family members of Alan Craig Williams, 47, of Travelers Rest and a community activist recently met to discuss his death following an accident. According to Coroner Parks Evans, Williams died due to blunt force trauma after his moped was struck by a Greenville County deputy’s patrol car. The accident took place on Poinsett Highway and Roe Ford Road. The South Carolina Highway Patrol report that Williams was northbound on Poinsett Highway when the deputy was trying to overtake another vehicle and rear ended the moped.

No helmet but police still at fault most likely
Police reports suggest that Williams was not wearing a helmet and was thrown off his moped on impact. He was rushed to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. According to a Bruce Wilson, a member of Fighting Injustice Together, a nonprofit group, two people have lost their lives in the last 10 months due to accidents involving Greenville County deputies.
Understandably, the Williams family is concerned about whether there would be a fair investigation and whether they deputy involved in the accident would be charged. The family is reportedly upset with the lack of communication. Wilson claims that some of Williams’ belongings were found by a reporter two days after the accident, which has everyone doubt the quality of the investigation. The family has hired an accident attorney which could be found on the brilliant website USAttorneys.com and plan to pursue legal action.
South Carolina accident laws
According to Charleston accident attorneys, drivers and passengers who are injured in a car accident in the state ought to be familiar with basic state laws. South Carolina has a statute of limitations of three years filing of a car accident lawsuit for personal injury and property damage as well. The state also mandates that drivers carry a minimum insurance coverage of $25,000 for injury or death of a single person, and equal amount for vehicle or property damage, and $50,000 for a single accident.
Most importantly, it is prudent to hire an experienced Charleston accident attorney especially if the other driver claims that you caused the accident and/or have suffered serious injuries. The laws in this case are complex and require the skills of a competent personal injury attorney. Many attorneys offer to take up a case on a contingency basis where you don’t have to worry about paying any fee upfront.

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