Some high speed collisions cause injuries that will never totally go away. A civil lawsuit is one of the best ways to help pay for expenses related to hospitalization and continued medical treatment. 

Law enforcement was investigating an accident in Linn County, Iowa that resulted in serious head injuries to an elderly man. 

Two vehicle crash in Linn County sends a man to the hospital

The 64 year old victim from Center Point was hurt during a collision near Cedar Rapids. The crash happened at the intersections of County Home Road and North Center Point Road. A 19 year old woman was driving westbound on County Home Road when her Volvo sedan collided head on with the Kia SUV being driven by the victim. The Linn County Sheriff found that the victim did not wear a seatbelt while he was driving that day.

The young woman driving the Volvo refused medical treatment at the car accident scene and appeared to not have any serious injuries. The other driver was airlifted to the University of Iowa Clinic and Hospital to be treated. He survived at the time of the news reported, but faces permanent and life threatening damage. The County Sheriff still expects to complete a full investigation.  

Traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and other consequences of tragic motor vehicle accidents

When a driver is involved in a severe accident, they may have head trauma, back injuries, or other problems, these can lead to permanent brain damage or paralysis. A person’s life is never quite the same and they can spend a lot of time in a hospital or recovering with the help of therapy. 

Financial losses and damages

Aside from these medical issues, accidents often put people in a difficult financial situation. There may be permanent costs related to at home aides, continually visits with a medical specialist, and equipment that helps the injured person move around normally. All of these items come with a high price tag, and it is important to make the business or person responsible for the accident pay for them. 

Damages are the element of a civil lawsuit that adds up all of the victim’s costs, which is demonstrated through medical bills and other financial burdens. An attorney can argue for a large amount of damages from the defendant if an accident causes a disability or permanently affected quality of life. They can even ask for non-economic damages that are related to emotional pain, suffering, and psychological trauma. 

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