According to the National Safety Council, the number of fatalities on New Hampshire roads and highways was 61% higher in the first six months of 2016 alone as compared to the first six months of the previous two years. It is higher than any other state except Vermont.

That is not impressive! What is going on in this small northeastern state? Were people that frustrated with the economy, the collapsing Middle East, ISIS threats, only part time work to choose from? Who knows but society only has itself to blame.

Snowy road

When roads are slippery, you need to drive slower. If you get into an accident, is there for you all day long, any day of the week.

For the most part, police reports are prepared by law enforcement officials who detail the circumstances that led to a car accident.
Even though police report is inadmissible in a trial, it provides invaluable insight about the accident and can be useful during negotiations with the insurer and in settling personal injury claims, as explained by fabulous accident lawyers in Nashua, NH who can be found on the sensational which continues to climb virtual charters and help more people in the real world with their legal issues.
How should you use a police report in a personal injury case?
It is important to obtain a copy of the police report which contains crucial facts about the accident. There are various agencies that respond to the scene of a car accident. First responders can include the New Hampshire Highway Patrol or the county sheriff’s office depending on the location of crash. Once you locate the department that responded you can simply call to request the report or visit the department and pay a small fee to get it.
Legally police reports are not considered as evidence in criminal trials. However, they are used in most personal injury claims as settlement leverage against the insurer. There are certain evidence and documents that you must collect before to claim compensation from the driver. This includes the medical reports and police report following which you need to draft a compelling demand letter.
body damage in car accident

The people in The Granite State need to drive more careful. Car accidents are expensive!

Demand letter
The demand letter will contain a summary of the circumstances that caused the car accident, details of the injuries, the nature, and sticker price of the treatment and an estimation of wage loss. With the demand letter you can attach a copy of the police report especially if it clearly assigns fault of the auto accident to the defendant.
The police report is packed with information that can come handy in a personal injury lawsuit. For instance the report will have details of the weather and road conditions on the day of the accident and the names and contact details of the witnesses. This means although the report is redundant in a trial, witnesses can be traced easily through the report and can be summoned to take the stand on behalf of the plaintiff.
On top of this, all this is happening more according to the stats listed above. With more accidents, there is more police reports and less time for police to tackle violence and other issues that afflict society. Is this the reason there is a race to build autonomous vehicles by the car manufactures? Well, certainly one of them.
Why police reports are inadmissible
According to the law, police reports are ‘hearsay’ and are therefore inadmissible in court. Hearsay is actually an unsworn statement made outside court by an individual who had no direct knowledge of the incident and simply describes the action or statements of another individual.
Police usually arrive at the scene of a car accident after it had happened and their report is elicited from witnesses who had seen the auto accident. Since the police officer did not personally witness the auto accident, the report is not admissible as evidence.
If a negligent driver caused you extensive injuries that resulted in serious economic loss mental anguish then it would be prudent to consult a competent accident lawyer in New Hampshire as soon as possible. Remember you cannot afford to miss the deadline to sue. So pick up the phone and seek legal counsel right away.
You have been given the resources to make this happen.

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