The accident attorney of a cyclist that sustained injuries back in the summer of 2014 when he was hit by an allegedly negligent van driver has filed a lawsuit against the driver claiming the motorist was negligent and failed to maintain a proper lookout and is therefore liable for the damages incurred by the cyclist, as reported by

Michael Mulder made a massive mistake
The plaintiff in the case is Sean Bulthuis who hails from Chula Vista in California and the legal complaint has been lodged against defendant Michael Mulder, the lawsuit claims that Mulder failed to yield to Bulthuis when the two converged at an intersection in the proximity of Ireton County in Iowa. This is not something Iowa accident attorneys will stand for in their state and if you need a winning accident lawyer, then click right here.
Bulthuis was rear ended by the van while he was on his way from Le Mars, Iowa to Rock Valley, Iowa as a participant in RAGBRAI (a bicycle ride that happens every summer where participants cycle across the state of IOWA). Bulthuis was ejected from his cycle and sustained severe injuries following which he had to be rushed to a nearby hospital (Floyd Valley Hospital in Le Mars) and was eventually transported by air ambulance to Mercy Medical Centre in Sioux City.
The lawsuit claims that as a result of the accident, Bulthuis has sustained severe and permanent injuries which will require perpetual medical treatment and physiotherapy. It further portrays Bulthuis as a helpless victim by stating that he has lost his ability to work and earn wages. The owner of the van that Michael Mulder was driving was Crista Mulder and she too has been listed as co-defendant in the case.
Everly man injured in accident between pickup and tractor-trailer
The Spencer Police Department has released a press report which basically says that a man from Everly, Iowa, has sustained incapacitating injuries after a pick-up truck and a tractor-trailer collided. The accident occurred at the intersection between West 18th Street and 38th Avenue West, according to a report.
According to the police report, a man from Mason City, Iowa, Anthony Chuck was operating the tractor-trailer. Chuck was attempting to turn left to get on 38th Avenue West when a Ford F-150 t-boned the tractor-trailer. The Ford F-150 was being driven by Samuel Gray of Everly, Iowa.
Another occupant of the Ford F-150 was transported to nearby Spencer Hospital for minor injuries and was said to have been brought in in a stable condition. However, Gray suffered a more serious fate and sustained critical injuries. He was rushed to USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, where he is currently being treated.

Accident laws in Iowa
According to Iowa accident attorneys, state law enforces a deadline or a statute of limitations for filing accident/personal injury claims to avoid frivolous claims. The statute of limitations mandate that a lawsuit should be filed within a maximum period of 2 years from the date on which the accident occurred, failing which the suit will be promptly dismissed.
The other important thing to know about Iowa state law with regards to auto accidents and personal injury claims is that it follows the comparative fault rule. Under this rule, the parties involved in the accident share the liability depending on the extent or severity of their faults.
To acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the legislation surrounding auto accidents, or if you or someone you know have been affected by an accident and are looking to sue then it is vital to appoint a qualified Iowa accident attorney which can find right here:

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