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Don’t share too much information at an accident scene.

Tulsa, OK- Each year in Oklahoma there were approximately 22,673  injury accidents and 589 traffic deaths, according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. And, sadly, the costs of those accidents come at an exorbitant cost to the crash victims and their loved ones. That is why most accident victims file a personal injury or wrongful, death suits to recover their financial damages and losses. But there are things a person can do to damage their injury claim, a few of which our team of accident lawyers in Oklahoma will discuss here.
The first harmful mistake accident victims make is to apologize or talk too much. You may be anxious and nervous, but you need to be careful because anything that is said at the accident scene may come back to haunt you in settlement negotiations. An apology can be perceived as a tacit admission of guilt and used against you and any admission of wrong-doing however minor it seems can be through the course of your injury claim.
At the scene of an accident the only person you are required to speak to is the responding police officer. The only information you have to share with the other involved motorists is the name of your car insurer and your name. Don’t agree to pay anyone any amount of money at the scene.
Surprisingly, many victims fail to get immediate medical attention.

Surprisingly, many victims fail to get immediate medical attention.

Another damaging mistake an accident victim can make is to put off getting medical attention after an accident. A traffic accident involves an extreme amount of force and impact, and a person can suffer a more severe injury than they realize. If you are not rushed to the hospital, you need to go to an urgent care center or a family doctor.  Not getting medical attention could make your injuries worse, and can also be used against when you try to recover compensation.
If you don’t see a doctor and get a diagnosis, there is no way know how serious your injuries are or how much your medical costs are going to be. You need a record of your injuries if you want to recover a fair accident settlement. USAttorneys urges you to speak with an accident lawyer in Oklahoma.
A third big mistake accident victims make is to talk to an insurer without speaking to an attorney first. You will probably be contacted early, so just resist the urge to speak with an insurer and refer them to your attorney. When you have legal counsel, you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or doing anything that affects the overall amount of damages you receive.
At USAttorneys, we have a team of accident lawyers in Oklahoma who know how to obtain an optimal settlement amount. Our team of attorneys will be dedicated to your case and ensure an insurer respects your rights. Visit the contact page at USAttorneys and we will help you find the right attorney to work on your claim.
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