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ATLANTA, Georgia. We’ve heard of drinking and driving. We’ve been told about the dangers of texting and driving. Yet, according to some psychologists, driving while grieving can also be incredibly dangerous. As Atlanta mourns the death of “Shawty Lo” Walker, the beloved Atlanta rapper who was killed in a car accident, new details have emerged that could shed light on the crash. According to 11 Live Atlanta, “Shawty Lo” had suffered a tragedy of his own shortly before the fiery crash that claimed his life. According to reports, the rapper had buried his father just days before the crash.
While grieving and driving is seldom spoken about, some studies suggest that driving while grieving can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. According to Psychology Today, grief can have a similar impact on reaction time as drinking can. Alcohol affects a person’s reaction time, thus leading to more accidents. A person’s reaction time is the amount of time it takes to react to new events on the road. The faster a driver can react, the more likely he or she will be able to mitigate accidents.
When people are asked about their thoughts before an accident, many people report that they were re-living memories or lost in thought. Grief can make this more likely. Two studies have found that grief can increase the probability that a person will be in a fatal or serious accident. When widowers were followed after the deaths of their spouses, they were found to be 93% more likely to die from a car accident in the few years following the death of their spouse.
The reality is that any kind of distracted driving can endanger the lives of others on the road. Car accidents can lead to serious injury, can lead to individuals having to miss time at work, and can place additional stress on families as a loved one recovers or adjusts to live after an injury. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, the personal injury lawyers at The Finnell Firm in Rome and Atlanta, Georgia may be able to assist you.
Given the new research, some may ask whether individuals should refrain from driving if they are grieving? In the immediate hours after tragedy strikes, it may be wise to have a friend or loved one drive you to where you need to go. Of course, it is unrealistic to assume that everyone will be able to refrain from driving while grieving. The best thing one can do is to remind oneself to remain focused, to listen to high-energy and non-distracting music while driving, or to drive with a friend who can help you stay focused on the task at hand. Family members can help by either driving a loved one to his or her appointments, or at least help remind a loved one to be safe. Even a reminder can help.
If you or a loved one has been impacted by a car accident, the personal injury lawyers at The Finnell Firm may be able to help you. Visit our website at to learn more about your rights.

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