Kyle Busch breaks right leg
According to the latest reports, Kyle Busch was injured in a multi-car pileup in the Xfinity Series and could miss the Daytona 500 following a compound fracture of the right lower leg and mid-foot fracture to his left foot. The accident occurred when Busch’s car skidded across the infield grass in the front-stretch tri-oval and struck the wall which did not have a barrier, head on.

He was helped by track workers and was still alert on the stretcher before he was rushed to Halifax Medical Center. His wife is expecting their first child in May.
Drivers miffed at dangerous conditions
Eight cars were damaged in the crash while Busch was the only driver to be injured. Following the crash a number of drivers vented their frustration on social media about the dangerous conditions at Daytona, which includes the lack of safety barriers on several of the walls at the track. Regan Smith, who was involved in an earlier accident, took to Twitter to express his anger while Six-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson pushed for safer barriers.
Following the crash, Joie Chitwood III, track president at Daytona, announced that work was in progress to protect the wall with tires in time for the Daytona 500. The president admitted that the Daytona International Speedway did not take its responsibility seriously at the event in which Busch was injured and said that SAFER barriers were going to be installed immediately on the entire property.
Well at least none of the drivers hit someone else walking on the road killing them.
No lessons learned from previous year
A year ago, Whitney Turner, was among 30 fans seriously injured in the nasty crash involving Kyle Larson’s #32 car at the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series at Daytona. Larson’s car plummeted into a wall, sending pieces of the vehicle into the stands. Turner had to have multiple surgical procedures according to her accident attorney which included operations to repair a severed Achilles’ tendon and internal derangement of the knee.
The crossover gate buckled under the impact of the crash, sending a wheel assembly into the crowd. According to Daytona accident attorneys, the International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR faced several lawsuits where as many as nine cases were settled amicably.
Florida Supreme Court Rules that State must Prove Hit and Run Drivers Knowledge of Crash
The Florida Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court’s decision to dismiss a South Florida man’s conviction after he was charged with striking a skateboarder while driving in the rain in 2007. Truck driver Zachariah Dorsett struck a 15-year-old skateboarder Nicholas Savinon who fell over onto the crosswalk on A1A highway in Boca Raton. The driver maintained that he was unaware of having hit the teenager and was stopped by police 3 miles away from the accident. The teenager was dragged under the truck for nearly 90 feet, according to witnesses.
Dorsett was not driving under the influence while there was no evidence of damage to the truck. He was convicted by a jury for leaving the scene of the crash and was awarded a two-year prison term. The decision was overturned by an appeals court in 2013 and ordered a new trial since jurors were not asked to determine whether they thought Dorsett was involved in the accident.
The Florida Supreme Court upheld the appeals court decision that the state must prove beyond reasonable doubt that a driver had knowledge of the crash and willfully broke the law.

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