A single car crash on the I-88 in Sidney left the driver dead and three injured. The New York State Police responded to reports of the accident and transported the driver, Ericka Sa-Keema, 25, and her three passengers, Anthony Martin, 27, Zavion Martin, 2, and Zamari Martin, 1, to various hospitals in the region for treatment for their injuries. The accident is reported to have taken place in Sidney, the rural Delaware County town, in upstate New York.

Sa-Keema of Lorton, VA, died of the injuries at Wilson Hospital, Johnson City
According to police reports after the investigation of the accident, the accident occurred at 6:27 am on Wednesday. The 2002 Ford driven by Sa-Keema was eastbound on I-88 when she drove it off the northern part of the highway onto the shoulder. Sa-Keema then tried to correct this, lost control of the vehicle and the car moved into the center median where it over turned, rolled over several times, and finally landed on its wheels. The accident was recorded and pictures sent to a news station by a viewer.

Total irresponsibility and pitiful driving
When the car was overturning, Sa-Keema was partially ejected from the vehicle, while the two toddlers who were the rear passengers were completely ejected. The front passenger, Anthony Martin remained in his seat and sustained a sprained ankle injury. He was taken to Wilson Hospital for treatment.
Zavion Martin sustained chest injuries and was taken to Wilson Memorial Hospital for treatment, while Zamari Martin, who had sustained head injuries was air lifted to University Hospital of Syracuse.
A police investigation of the accident has revealed that Zavion Martin was not secured in the child safety seat or was not in the child safety seat at all while Zamari Martin was not properly secured in the child safety seat. Both the toddlers have sustained severe injuries as they were completely ejected from the vehicle when it overturned and rolled over.
Police continue to investigate the accident to determine the exact cause. While Anthony Martin has been discharged from hospital, the two toddlers have been hospitalized for treatment.
Need for legal representation
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