The holiday weekend proved to be a deathblow to five people that were killed on the roads of Kansas, as reported by

Road mayhem
In the first incident, a husband and wife from Haysville succumbed to their injuries after they were involved in a three car crash on US highway 54 near Pratt. According to Kansas Highway Patrol, the deceased are 60 year old Nasaria Trujillo and his 58 year old wife Mary Lou Trujillo. The accident report also reveals that two other people sustained moderate to severe injuries in the crash and were rushed to hospital but are reportedly in a stable condition currently.
In a separate and unrelated accident, two others were killed when their car left the road and crashed. The Kansas Highway Patrol claim that the accident is still under investigation and the identities of the victims have not yet been released as the authorities are trying to determine whether alcohol or drugs was a factor in the fatal single car crash. If you are a victim of someone else’s driving sloppiness, is the site you want to utilize. There are outstanding local attorneys on this site prepared to hear your case.

The third calamity resulted in the death of a teenager and left two others injured in Riley County. Like the second crash, the teen’s death was caused by a single car crash also and so the identity of the deceased has not been released yet as investigators are taking a closer look to see if the driver was impaired in any way or form.
Woman says fatal accident was an accident and not a crime or murder
Tamika Pledger who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after she was involved in a fatal car crash which killed one person and injured three others made a public apology to the families and everyone else affected by the accident, as reported by Fox4KC.
However, like how her accident attorney had previously mentioned, Pledger maintained that the accident was in fact an accident and nothing more. She blamed the police for having turned the tragic incident into a criminal offense as she says there was never any intention to harm or kill anybody. Pledger has made a plea that the involuntary manslaughter charges against her are not warranted and should be dropped. A judge is expected to review the case and announce his verdict.
Accident laws in Kansas – the essentials
According to Kansas accident attorneys, Kansas like many other states in the nation is a no fault state when it comes to accidents. What this basically entails is that parties involved in a road accident need not prove that the other person was at fault to procure financial compensation. Each party can turn to his or her own auto insurer to take care of damages.
However, in case a victim feels like the compensation given to him or her by their auto insurer is not sufficient, they may proceed to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator. In such cases, the plaintiff must ensure to file suit before two years from the date of the accident. Most importantly, it is prudent to engage the services of a qualified and experienced accident attorney in order to ensure a fair outcome.

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