What is the Deadliest Holiday on the Nation’s Road?

Roadside MemorialBrown County, Wisconsin- Christmas is not the most dangerous holiday on the nation’s roads, but an estimated 27,000 Americans will be seriously injured in traffic collisions and 250 people will die during year-end holiday travel season.The National Safety Council just released a report estimating how many traffic accidents they expect to occur over holidays throughout the year

The NSC, analyzed crash data for six major holidays which include Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day to determine which was the deadliest for motorists. They projected the Fourth of July will be the deadliest holiday for the upcoming year. During the four-day period over the summer holiday, the NSC estimates that 540 people will be killed in auto accidents, with a large proportion of people traveling hundreds of miles to be with the ones they love.

Manager for statistics at the NSC, Ken Kolosh, explained to 24/7 Wall St. that traffic accidents increase during holidays primarily because there are more motorists on the road. The American Automobile Association estimates that 95 million people will travel to be with friends and family this year.

The NCS does not expect fatal accidents during Christmas to increase, but that isn’t the case for New Year’s Eve when fatal accidents are expected to increase, primarily because of drunken drivers. Between 2007 and 2011, 42 percent of fatal accidents on New Year’s Eve were caused by intoxicated drivers. In contrast, only 35 percent of fatal accidents were caused by intoxicated drivers over the same period, the lowest rate of

“The New Year’s holiday generally results in a significant increase in the number of fatalities when looking at a comparable period in same month,” Kolosh noted.

If you are driving this holiday season and you live in an area that has been plagued with ice and snow read our helpful tips on driving in inclement weather here.

If you are driving in a region that has not been hit by wintry you should still be vigilant as accident rates tend to increase when the weather is warmer, according to Kolosh. He said this is true because people will travel more when the weather is milder. When there is snow and ice, people are less inclined to travel more than necessary.

“It’s a little bit counterintuitive, but good weather in winter months actually results in more fatalities” Kolosh explained.

During the 2012 Christmas holiday, 350 people were killed in traffic accidents, but the NCS estimates that only 105 people will be killed in fatal traffic accidents this Christmas travel season.

You can avoid a devastating traffic accident this Christmas by driving defensively, wearing your seat belt and minding your speed. The extra precautions you take could save your life and the lives of others this year.

However traffic accidents cannot be avoided entirely and some people will have their holiday marred by a tragic accident. If you are the unfortunate victim of a traffic accident, a Wisconsin accident attorney can assure you get compensation for you pain and suffering.

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