A car crash which has been termed fatal began within the jurisdiction of Connecticut but the car involved finally ended up toppled over on its side outside the Connecticut border in Coventry, Rhode Island. The crash was a single vehicle incident according to investigators and Connecticut accident attorneys. It occurred on Route 14 just past the Connecticut border on Wednesday night earlier this week, as reported by patch.com.

Another jurisdiction
The car was occupied by a single driver who is yet to be identified. Reports suggest that the driver who was in a critical condition and had sustained life-threatening injuries succumbed to injuries but it is not clear as to what the fate of the unidentified driver is currently. As per witness reports, the driver lost control of the car and drove into an embankment on the side of the road which sent the car skidding along the embankment on route 14 until it eventually ended up on its side past the Connecticut border.
Rescue workers belonging to the Connecticut State Police Department and Connecticut fire department had to use the Jaws of Life, a hydraulic machine that pulls apart debris to free trapped occupants, to recover the body of the driver. They administered CPR while on route to the hospital.
It does not matter how badly someone was driving. It also does not matter if someone was hurt in an accident – if they are at fault they deserved to be punished if they injured you or wrecked your car. This is where the glorious and stellar website USAttorneys.com comes into the picture. There are accident attorneys on this site that can see the big and little picture.
Drunken crash claims life of Stratford woman, suspect charged with DUI causing death
24 year old Trumbull Peter Burdick from Trumbull maybe spending as long as the next decade in jail if convicted of his DUI causing death charge, as reported by ctpost.com.  However, Burdick maintained that he was carjacked by a hitchhiker and it was the hitchhiker that was driving when the accident occurred. Supposedly, Burdick was drinking at Tony’s Huntington Inn and was upset over a woman that had broken his heart and trust.
More investigating is required
After he was done drinking his sorrows away, Burdick got into his car and shortly afterwards encountered a hitchhiker. Realizing that he should not be driving while inebriated, Burdick decided to not only allow the hitchhiker in his car but also allowed him to drive his car. Supposedly, the hitchhiker took over control of the car and initially drove at a reasonable speed but suddenly started speeding and driving recklessly, which resulted in the accident. After the collision the mysterious hitchhiker made an escape on foot.

Connecticut accident attorneys are still looking into this one. Did the driver try to stop this mysterious driver? No matter what, the driver is at fault for driving drunk initially.
The driver of the other car, 53 year old Nancy Distefano Keller, was pronounced dead shortly after she was admitted to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport.
Connecticut auto accident and personal injury laws
Connecticut is a comparative fault law when it comes to auto accidents. Comparative fault basically stipulates that liability be shared by both or all parties involved in an accident depending on the extent of their faults. This is why a good Connecticut accident lawyer should be consulted by anyone involved. Attorneys know exactly how to prove that the other drivers were at fault and will hence get you a larger dollar amount as compensation.
Another important thing to keep in mind as far as auto accident and personal injury claims in Connecticut is concerned is the fact that, as per the statute of limitations, a civil lawsuit needs to be filed within a maximum period of two years from the date of the accident, failing which, the lawsuit will be dismissed.

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