A bicyclist who was killed as a result of the injuries sustained due to a car accident has been identified as 55-year old George Kaufer. The victim who hailed from Danville died after he was hit by a car (a 1997 Toyota Avalon) which was travelling in a northerly direction on Crow Canyon Road at Tassajara Ranch Drive. According to police reports, the incident occurred earlier this week in the evening.

As reported by SFGate.com, after the crash, Kaufer was transported by a helicopter and hospitalized at John Muir Medical Center based in Walnut Creek. However, the professionals there were not able to resuscitate Kaufer and paramedics eventually pronounced him officially dead.
Questions remain
According to investigators, the driver of the car has also been identified. He was said to be cooperative and did not leave the scene after the accident. Authorities are attempting to re-simulate the crash in an attempt to comprehend what exactly caused it, as of now, the reason for the fatal accident is unknown.
According to Kaufer’s family members, he was a terrific guy who was very generous and loved to work with children. He was the head of facilities and construction projects at the San Mateo Foster City School District. His colleagues said in a statement that their thoughts are with Kaufer’s family and that he was an impressive leader who saw them through many projects. They said they would always miss him.
Victim of physical abuse in jail awarded $300,000 in damages
Hossein Tabrizi of Walnut Creek is richer by $300,000 after he won a lawsuit against Contra Costa County and Deputy Michael Gray. According to the lawsuit filed by his accident attorney, it is alleged that Gray would beat up Tabrizi for no apparent reason whatsoever. Tabrizi claims that some of the beatings got so severe that he had to be hospitalized and almost lost a kidney, as per a Contra Costa Times report.
What are you doing Gray!?
Tabrizi was serving a 4 years and 8 months prison sentence for the charge of gross vehicular manslaughter after he was involved in a car crash that killed a 52-year old school teacher named Sherry Hicks and her daughter-in-law Sheng Hahn. The car-pedestrian accident was a result of Tabrizi being impaired when he collided with Hicks and Hahn. It was a car-pedestrian accident. As per Contra Costa Police reports, Hicks was asleep at the wheel of a moving vehicle and was on a prescription anti-anxiety medication, Ativan.
Personal injury claim
Even fools like Gray can be helped legally and there is no other better site to find a wonderful attorney than USAttorneys.com.
NTSB claims BART’s simple approval procedure was responsible for crash that killed two
Two workers were killed while checking the magnitude of a defect on a railway track. The deceased were identified as 58-year old Christopher Sheppard and 66-year old Laurence Daniels.
The train that struck them was apparently in use for training and there were no passengers on board. BART was training maintenance workers to operate the trains as many of their actual operators had boycotted work as a protest. Walnut Creek CA accident attorneys say that as per the simple approval procedure, track workers would be responsible for their own safety when they entered a railway track.

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