A recent accident that caused a massive pileup of more than a dozen cars and semi-trucks slowed down the freeway ramp and led to serious traffic blockages in Detroit, MI. The accident seems to be caused by slippery road conditions and investigators are determining the extent of the damage and the number of drivers involved in the collision.

Rough weather and slippery driving conditions are some of the most common causes of serious accidents occurring across the United States. Since these situations can not be controlled entirely, a person can avoid such collisions by trying alternative modes of transportation or by staying home when the weather is very poor. If it is necessary for a driver to be on the road, they should take the necessary precautions to ensure they stay safe and they are driving as reliable as possible to avoid slipping.

However, accidents occur all the time and they can still occur no matter how much precaution a person takes, so drivers should be ready to deal with the legalities beforehand. Anyone who gets into an accident should reach out to an accident attorney to ensure they do not end up paying an unfair amount to the other driver and to make sure their rights are protected and that the actual guilty party is held accountable for their irresponsible behavior.

Who is Responsible for Paying for Accident Damages Caused by Bad Weather in Detroit, MI?

It’s only natural to wonder who will cover the expenses when the accident was caused by a slippery road. Michigan follows no-fault insurance laws, which means that most drivers will have to cover their damages with their own insurance provider regardless of who was at fault. However, a driver may be able to hold another to account if their insurance is not enough to cover the losses suffered. In the case of bad weather, one of the drivers usually acted negligently in one way or the other and an investigation of the collision site can prove the severity of the harm suffered, and determine who is actually to be held responsible for the losses.

Drivers should never try and file their claims on their own. If they want to file an accident claim, they should call an experienced accident attorney so they can benefit from their knowledge and experience. When it comes to legal matters, the smallest mistake in one’s paperwork or even statements can turn their claim against them; so no one should risk trying to take on the legalities without an expert’s help.


Maha Rehman