Differences between injury lawsuits and insurance claims related to accidents in Traverse City

Traverse City, MI – People who have been harmed in motor vehicle accidents will typically need assistance from various sources to cover their costs. This is usually done through an insurance claim, as drivers are required by law to have liability coverage for the damage that they cause while driving and causing an accident. However, an injury lawsuit against the driver or business responsible for the costs is an option as well in some situations. The decision to bring a case should be made after speaking with an experienced attorney who focuses on accident lawsuits.  

No fault insurance claims under Michigan law

Because Michigan is a no fault state for auto insurance, people involved in a crash may receive compensation regardless of who is responsible for the accident. The collision should be reported to the insurance company, and they will start the process to make a determination regarding what costs they will cover. However, it is important to realize that these no fault laws make it more difficult to sue other drivers. No fault laws ensure that lawsuits related to motor vehicle accidents tend to only be filed in the most severe accidents, where someone is killed during the crash, or if they sustain some kind of life changing injuries that will be expensive to treat. m

An overview of damages awarded to accident victims in Michigan

Damages are the name for compensation that the plaintiff asks for as a form of relief in a civil case if it is necessary to bring a lawsuit. Accident lawsuits in Michigan allow for a few different types of compensation or damages depending on the situation. The combined amount of these damages can be much greater than what an insurance policy will pay out in some cases. These are economic damages, pain and suffering compensation, and punitive damages. In personal injury cases in Michigan, punitive damages are generally not available. Economic damages can be used to help the victim recover specific costs, such as what they need for medical treatment, lost income, and future losses that will be required for the person to recover completely. Non-economic damages for pain and suffering can be used to help the person get compensation for their quality of life losses such as mental trauma and physical pain. 

Accident lawyers in Traverse City

Neumann Law Group is a firm that handles various kinds of accident and injury lawsuits. People in Michigan who have recently been harmed in an accident can speak with their attorneys for advice. 

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