Do accident victims in Baton Rouge need to hire a lawyer after a collision?

Should a person get a car accident lawyer for a minor accident in Wyoming?

Baton Rouge, LA – Motor vehicle accidents cause several different problems for drivers, and it is not always easy for victims to figure out what to do on their own. An accident victim may not necessarily need an attorney, especially after a minor collision, but legal services are important for people who need financial help to pay for medical costs and injuries. 

The high cost of motor vehicle collisions

When someone gets into an accident, there is a sudden influx of costs related to vehicle repairs, medical bills for hospitalization and continued care, lost wages and income, and any other problems associated with the collision. Insurance claims may be able to cover some of these losses, but it is common for coverage to max out at a few thousand dollars. There may even be situations where an insurance company does not want to pay the victim at all based on specific provisions in the policy. The costs of treatment from doctors, along with the person’s lost wages and diminished ability to earn may run into thousands or millions of dollars. 

Legal services and court procedures

A personal injury lawyer provides a number of services that are crucial. They can help with the insurance claim process and ensure that the company is acting legally and following the terms of the driver’s coverage. These professionals also file civil lawsuits that ask for damages from the person or business responsible. Specific procedures need to be followed to file a complaint in civil court, engage in the discovery process, and negotiate for a settlement with the defendant or take the case to trial. It may be difficult or impossible for a victim to represent their own interests in court and go through all of these steps without assistance. 

How much will the attorney get for their client?

The amount of compensation available to the client is referred to as damages. The plaintiff’s lawyer can create a summary of medical costs, lost income, property damage, and everything else related to the accident that resulted in financial loss. For this reason, the value of the lawsuit tends to coincide with the victim’s specific losses. This means it is difficult to give general estimates without reference to any particular accident and the associated damages. Settlement negotiations can also have a lot of variables. The defendant may choose to give the plaintiff a certain amount to end the litigation quickly. 

Experienced injury lawyers in Baton Rouge

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a respected personal injury firm that operates in Baton Rouge. After an accident, victims can get assistance from an experienced attorney and learn more about lawsuits and other potential remedies. 

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