Drivers who get into a collision need to report the accident to authorities in most cases. The cases in which a car accident needs to be reported include:

  • If the accident caused an injury
  • If the accident caused a death
  • If the accident caused damage of more than $500
  • If one of the drivers involved in the accident were uninsured

If a person finds themselves in any of the above scenarios they need to file a police report and also contact an accident lawyer in Chesterfield, MO. The reason a person should reach out to a legal professional is so that they get the required help they need in order to legally defend themselves in court and also so that they can file a proper insurance claim with the appropriate insurance company.
Many drivers make the mistake of trying to claim the insurance on their own and they agree to the amount of compensation which is initially offered to them by the company. This is a mistake because insurance companies often offer a lot less then the driver deserves, especially when they know that their client is not being assisted by an attorney.
An attorney will not only be able to educate a person on how much compensation they are entitled to receive but they can also place a counteroffer with the company until they comply. In extreme cases, a person can even choose to litigate against the insurance company through the assistance of their lawyer.

Should I report a minor accident?

When drivers get into a small collision in which they feel like no one was really hurt and there was no obvious physical damage done to the vehicle they generally let it go and simply exchange contact information with the other driver. However, this is not always a very smart idea.
It is in a person’s best interest to always take pictures of the accident and file a police report just in case. It may appear like only a minor amount of damage has taken place, but oftentimes it happens that a vehicle looks like it is okay on the outside, but the impact manages to cause serious damage on the inside. Or a person may feel like they did not get badly hurt, but bruising and serious pain comes up a few hours later.
It is always best to contact the authorities which include calling a lawyer, filing a police report, and contacting one’s insurance company just in case matters do end up escalating negatively in the future. Even if a person decides not to contact authorities they should make sure they at least take pictures at the scene of the accident and exchange all the required contact information with the other driver so they can contact them if anything comes up. Taking pictures is necessary because it can serve as integral evidence during a court trial.