According to Lincoln Police and, Scott Strasburger, an orthopedic surgeon and former Husker football player was high when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into other cars, not once, but twice within just a matter of minutes earlier this week on Tuesday at a quarter past 4 pm.

What makes defending himself in court even more difficult for Strasburger is the fact that both the vehicles he hit were parked. As reported by Journal Star, he crashed into a Honda Pilot, inflicting damage of an estimated $4,400. He then wrote down his details and passed it onto the owner of the Pilot so that he could compensate her financially. Only minutes after this, Strasburger then drove into a Chevrolet Suburban, but this time he decided to drive off without stopping.
A witness that saw the event handed over the license plate number to the police which then made it a cake walk for them to apprehend him. He is now facing multiple charges including DUI, negligence, leaving the scene of a crash, and for having his minor daughter along with him as a passenger while driving impaired.
Strasburger does have a history of substance abuse. His medical license was suspended after he had once shown up at a surgery center in an inebriated state. He needs medical attention for this but in terms of his legal problems and if you have any legal issues that you are mired in, is where you to be. There are fantastic attorneys on this site ready to defend you.
On the flip side, this site can work for you if you have been a victim of foolish thinking and doing.
One dead and one taken into custody after fatal crash
One Grand Island woman is now behind bars and another is dead after a fatal crash, according to The suspect has been identified as 29-year old Mandy M. MacDonald and the deceased victim has been identified as 50-year old Kristine J. Olson.
Olson was driving her Nissan Pathfinder on interstate 80 close to the Greenwood exit at about 30 minutes past 6 in the evening on Sunday when suddenly she was struck by Mandy MacDonald’s Chrysler 200.
According to eye witness reports, MacDonald’s driving was reckless and she was snaking through traffic at high speeds before she finally collided with Olson’s car, which sent Olson’s car toppling. Olson who was not wearing her seat belt was ejected out of her vehicle.
Sheriff's badge on dark background
MacDonald – goodbye and good riddance: lock her up
After the crash, MacDonald failed to stop and instead sped away from the crash site, she was soon tracked and stopped and arrested by police and now faces serious charges including homicide by a vehicle.
Accident and personal injury laws in Nebraska
According to Nebraska accident attorneys, personal injury and accident laws are extensive, it is not pragmatic to expect all residents of the state to be thorough with these laws but it is important for Nebraskan citizens to at least know the very basics. For a more detailed understanding of the law, or if you or someone you know is filing an accident or personal injury lawsuit, it is prudent to consult an experienced Lincoln Nebraska accident attorney.
Here are a few basics of legislation surrounding personal injury and accident cases. To being with, any injury or damage sustained due to the negligence of another person can qualify as a personal injury lawsuit. Secondly, Nebraska enforces a statute of limitations on such lawsuits which stipulates that the filing needs to be done within 4 years from the date of the accident. Finally, Nebraska is a shared fault state, therefore, financial obligations will be split among parties involved depending on who was at fault and to what extent they were at fault.

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