Does a person who causes an accident in Modeste face criminal charges or civil lawsuits?

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Modeste, LAMotor vehicles cause a lot of danger on the roads in Louisiana and other states. Many laws regulate the roads and vehicles because of this problem, and this is one of the reasons that car insurance is required, as accidents can easily result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. The person responsible for the crash needs some way to pay for all of the losses that they created, and auto insurance is usually the most convenient way. 

There are also criminal laws that describe certain especially dangerous actions that drivers sometimes commit. Depending on the specifics of the situation, the driver can face either civil case for compensation, criminal charges from the government, or both. Anyone who was injured in a crash will likely want to get legal advice to determine how to proceed. 

Reasons for criminal charges

There are certain crimes that can be committed in the time leading up to or after an accident. This includes drunk driving, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and vehicular manslaughter. Even if a person is charged by the government for these kinds of actions, anyone who they hurt may still be sued to pay for things like the victim’s medical treatment and lost income. Under Louisiana law, drunk driving accidents also allow the victim to ask for punitive damages during their civil lawsuit. These are additional damages meant to punish defendants for bad behavior.  

Because the government controls this process of investigating accidents and bringing charges, people who need compensation will have to get their own lawyer to assist with the process to get payment. 

Negligence cases

In the absence of criminal activity, the person harmed by a driver during an accident may want to bring a negligence case. This type of lawsuit essentially argues that the defendant was not careful enough and their actions caused the victim to sustain various losses. These losses are called damages, and the plaintiff normally asks for economic damages for specific costs, along with non-economic damages for pain and suffering. The specific amount paid out after any accident can vary greatly, but compensation tends to increase with more severe accidents. Lawyers who handle motor vehicle accident lawsuits can advise each individual client whether it is worth pursuing a civil case in their situation. 

Accident lawyers are available in Louisiana

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