Donald Trump surely seems to be making his mark as president after only having been in office for a few months now. There is talk of building a wall which will hinder individuals from entering into our country, going to war, and now he has “repealed an Obama-era health and safety regulation this week that could leave Alabama workers more at risk from health and safety violations.”

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Is Trump contributing to making the workforce more responsible for employee injuries or contributing to employers hiding work injuries to avoid repercussions?

Alabama employers have several duties they are required by law to abide by. One is to provide their employees with a safe and hazard free environment. As you know, there are some work conditions that could potentially bring harm to someone or increase a person’s chance of engaging in an accident. When a workplace accident occurs, it can be fatal or even life-threatening to an employee. For this reason, OSHA was developed and is available to not only help employees who need to file a complaint against their employer, but crack down on those who aren’t following through with their end of the agreement.
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Did you know that work environments such as construction sites and shipyards increase the chance of a worker engaging in an accident? And according to, “the shipyard injury accident rate is around 80 percent that of construction and general industry.” Because there are jobs that could potentially harm someone, the The OSH Act created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) which “sets and enforces protective workplace safety and health standards.” All businesses who have employees are required to comply with their state’s laws and those set forth by OSHA.

How Could Trump’s Repeal Affect the Workforce?

In the past, if OSHA wanted to pursue companies for safety breaches, they had five years to do so after an accident occurred. So, if a worker slipped and fell on a machine or became deathly ill just from attending work, OSHA could very well conduct an investigation and deem the company as negligent which could result in a warning and eventually the closure of the business. But, with this new repeal, OSHA now only has a statute of limitations of six months. “This means that in the worst cases OSHA won’t be able to take enforcement action, and the employers are going to be able to keep doing what they are doing because there are no consequences.” That was stated by Peg Seminario who is a Safety and Health director at AFL-CIO. There are far too many business OSHA has to deal with and it isn’t reasonable for them to be able to conduct these investigations within such a short period of time.
The fact is, some workplace accidents and/or injuries don’t exactly show up right away and it could be challenging for OSHA to take action if you learn too late that your work environment was what caused your unfortunate circumstance to arise. While you do have the option of hiring an accident attorney in Mobile, AL who can do more to help you, it is a little concerning that many employers could be violating record keeping responsibilities or falsifying records or hiding injuries so they can escape punishment.

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