Accident attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky know that Valentine’s Day can be the best or worst day for anyone but you need to ensure you don’t put yourself in any situation that could potentially harm you.
Valentine’s Day is just hours away and you may be considering what you are going to be doing with your time while many coupes are out celebrating their love for one another. Although Valentine’s Day is an exciting time for many, there are several individuals out there who don’t have a significant other just yet, or can’t seem to find the “right one” to settle down with. Either way, if you are without a partner tomorrow on February 14th, remember to stay safe regardless of what you do.

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If you are recently separated, remember to not get caught up own your emotions on Valentine’s Day and act out of pain or anger.

Valentine’s Day is Known to Stir Up Emotions
TV, social media, and store advertisements don’t seem to let up when Valentine’s Day is approaching and that tends to bring out some unwanted emotions in individuals who may be dateless, who just got out of a committed relationship, or are freshly divorced. People often feel sad, lonely, or depressed during this time and are known to act out on their feelings. Some go out to the bar, others find themselves aimlessly driving around, and many behave recklessly simply because they cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day the way they once did or haven’t had anyone to observe the day with. It is times like these were accidents are prone to occur and you don’t want one accident to change your entire life all because of one day, do you?
Dangers of Depressed Driving
Because the holiday tends to drag out those who refuse to stay in on Valentine’s Day, it increases the number of distracted drivers out on the roadways. While you may think texting on a phone defines distracted driving, driving with a mix of emotions stirring in your mind is also a form of being distracted. You aren’t quite as alert and attentive as you normally would be had you not been feeling sad or depressed.
And when referring to “depressed driving,” it doesn’t exactly mean driving through streets sobbing. Depressed driving can mean operating your vehicle during a time when you feed sad, alone, or empty, all feelings known to become ignited during Valentine’s Day when people aren’t in a relationship.
Stay Safe, Avoid an Accident
Now that you aware that you could be placing yourself at risk of engaging in an accident, it is also important to be mindful of the fact that you aren’t alone. There are millions of people out there just like you who aren’t celebrating the holiday or simply despise it. So, what can you do instead? CNN Health highlights a few things and they are mentioned below:

  • Exercise
  • Volunteer for the needy
  • Travel somewhere sunny
  • Go see a funny movie
  • Adopt a pet from a shelter

Louisville, KY accident lawyers take on serious, life-threatening cases all the time and believe you can avoid any sort of accident if you simply remain cognizant of what you are doing during this Valentine’s Day.

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