There are some young and inexperienced drivers who make mistakes which end up being very costly.  

Law enforcement in Douglas, Alabama released details related to a fatal motor vehicle collision

Young driver dies near a dangerous curve

The local police chief said that one car went into a creek at approximately 2 pm that afternoon. The location of the incident was just off of Horton Road. When emergency crews arrived they found that the victim, a 16 year old male from Guntersville, had already died. Fire departments from both Douglas and Albertville, along with Alabama State Troopers were all at the scene. The initial investigation from the state police showed that the driver’s Ford Mustang went off of the road, hit a bridge, and then turned over. 

The Douglas Volunteer Fire Department blocked off the area during the response and investigation. Several members of the department and local residents all told the news that the area has been known as being a dangerous spot for accidents for years. There is a curve where the speed limit drops to 15 miles per hour, but many drivers do not seem to notice and go through at a much faster rate of speed. A local resident commented that she feels the danger every time she drives on this road.

Accidents that involve death in Alabama

When someone dies in a motor vehicle crash, there is a slightly different law that applies to a lawsuit filed with the help of a personal injury lawyer. This is the state’s wrongful death statute. 

Wrongful death cases are civil actions that allow certain family members to receive compensation on the deceased person’s behalf. They are slightly different in every state even though the general structure of the law is similar. This type of case can also be filed whether or not criminal charges are also brought related to the incident. There is a fairly short two year statute of limitations. 

Alabama’s laws on this issue essentially try to hold the negligent party accountable and deter future similar acts that may be dangerous. Any money from this claim is paid right to the person’s heirs, and it does not go through an estate as it does in many other jurisdictions. However, the person handling the estate does actually need to file the case on the family’s behalf.  

Damages will be available to cover things such as the person’s lost wages and earning potential, along with medical and funeral costs. In extreme cases, punitive damages can be awarded to punish a defendant for reckless conduct. 

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