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Manhattan, NY – This past week, the driver of an SUV ran over a sidewalk in Manhattan and critically injured a woman.
NBC New York reports that the driver has been identified as Huey Bui, 40 years old. He has been arrested and is currently facing charges of vehicular assault along with driving while under the influence of drugs. At the time, it has not been confirmed if he has an accident attorney in the Manhattan area.
The SUV initially lost control around East 64th Street and Madison Avenue. It first crashed into a luxury watch storefront, and then struck a 41-year-old woman who was at the entrance of the store. NBC New York revealed that footage from the time of the accident shows the woman not moving and clearly injured in front of the door of the store.
While the woman was listed as critically injured at Cornell Medical Center, the driver and another woman, who was also in the SUV at the time of the accident, was injured as well. Reportedly, responders had to cut open the driver-side door to get Bui out of the vehicle.
Other victims in the crash included a knocked-over mailbox, shattered glass, and the SUV itself. Specifically, one of the car doors was missing, and the hood was completely smashed inwards.
It is unknown what caused the driver to crash into the luxury goods store, however one witness reported seeing Bui swerve to the right and hit numerous things, while others believe he was having a seizure at the time of the accident.
If you have been in an accident in New York, you are not alone. According to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 15,832 car accidents involving a pedestrian and motor vehicle in 2012 alone. From those, 312 pedestrians were killed, adding to the total 15,607 pedestrians who were injured.
In Manhattan specifically, there were 4,024 car accidents involving 7,819 people. Of those car accidents, 7.6% of the people involved were injured, and most of the accidents were in Midtown on high traffic streets.
Suffering from injuries sustained in a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident can quickly take over your life and prevent you from going about your normal day to day activities. Regardless of whether you were walking, running, cycling, or doing anything else while you were hit by a car, USAttorneys.com will find an accident attorney in Manhattan to help you with your case.
Recovering the maximum amount of compensation is contingent upon having the best legal team to help guide you throughout the court process. In order to do that, you need honest and reputable accident lawyers on your side who you can trust. Contact us today and we will set up a consultation with an accident attorney in Manhattan who will fight for you every step of the way.

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