Driver Behaviors that Contribute to Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Jackson, MS—A large percentage of car accidents that transpire on U.S. roadways are caused by driver error. Other factors that have been linked to car accidents include inclement weather and poor roadway conditions. Some examples of driver behavior that were responsible for causing the most fatal accidents in 2018 according to the Insurance Information Institute (III) include:


  1. Driving too fast for roadway conditions or driving in excess of the posted speed limit.

In 2018, 8,596 individuals suffered fatal injuries in accidents that were caused by speeding or driving too fast for roadway conditions. When inclement weather or roadway conditions change, drivers must adjust their driving to prevent an accident from occurring. Some examples of a change in roadway conditions include:

  • Traffic buildup
  • Roadwork being conducted
  • Poorly maintained or severely damaged roads


  1. Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each day in the U.S., approximately 29 people suffer fatal injuries in motor vehicle accidents that involve an impaired driver. In 2018, the III says 5,175 deaths were recorded in connection with alcohol-related crashes. When a driver consumes even just a small amount of alcohol before getting behind the wheel, they reduce their chances of being able to operate their vehicle in a safe and cautious manner.


  1. Failure to keep in the proper lane.

There are a number of reasons why drivers are unable to maintain their lane. Although impaired driving serves as one of those reasons, another common one is distracted driving.  In the State of Mississippi, drivers are prohibited from using a hand-held device, whether it is to send or read a text message or to scan through their social media apps, yet many still engage in the behavior. Unfortunately, when a driver takes their attention off the road to look at their cellphone, even it is for just a second, they put themselves at risk of swerving out of their lane and into another vehicle.

If a driver was involved in an accident with a distracted driver in Jackson, MS and they are looking to recover compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, etc., a Jackson, MS accident lawyer can explain the steps they will need to take to potentially recover this.


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