According to the Contra Costa County Fire Protection officials, a 2013 Ford Taurus crashed into a fire engine on the I-80 as emergency workers were responding to an overturned vehicle on Sunday morning. The emergency workers were attending to an overturned 2002 Nissan Pathfinder on I-80 close to Cummings Skyway east of Willow.

The officials said that highway crashes were the most dangerous for emergency responders. The proper placement of the fire engine and the positioning of flares to warn motorists of its presence helped save lives in spite of the crash according to the officials.
Serious Injuries
The motorist driving the Taurus suffered serious injuries and was air lifted to the John Muir Medical Center at Walnut Creek.
The incident occurred at around 1:53 am when emergency workers were responding to an overturned vehicle. The fire engine was positioned to protect the scene of the accident from oncoming traffic. It was placed to block one of the four lanes of the highway so that emergency workers to help the people in the overturned vehicle.
Employing industry standards, flares were lit and placed around the parked vehicle approximately 300 feet from it to alert oncoming drivers. In spite of this the oncoming driver hit the fire engine. The vehicle was travelling at 65 mph and no attempt at braking had been made according to reports.
Fire Engine Damaged
While the driver of the oncoming car sustained major injuries, the driver of the fire engine which was hit was taken to hospital as a precaution. He has not suffered from any injuries and has since returned to work, according to officials.
The fire engine sustained major damage in the incident and cannot be used again according to the officials.
Two people sustained minor injuries because of the overturned vehicle and were treated for the same.
Accident Attorneys
If you or a loved one has been injured in a Walnut Creek, CA, accident, you need to immediately contact a Walnut Creek, CA, accident attorney who can help you claim all the compensation due to you.
An accident can lead to pain and suffering, medical costs, loss of income or earnings, and costs incurred to pay someone to do chores normally carried out by the injured person. When an accident caused by someone else leads to injuries, that person or their insurance company is held liable for the injuries and the costs associated with them.
An experienced Walnut Creek CA accident attorney will help you obtain the full compensation sue to you by making a comprehensive list of the injuries you have sustained and the costs incurred because of them. In addition, some of the injuries and effects of the accident might not be clearly manifest immediately after the accident.
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