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Studies have found that intersections with traffic lights are more hazardous than intersections with stop signs.

Las Vegas, NV- Intersections are dangerous areas especially in larger urban areas like Las Vegas because vehicles of all types, pedestrians, and bicyclist all converge in one area and must anticipate what the other is doing. Traffic lights and signs offer direction, but if just one person is not paying attention or ignores the light or sign, a traffic calamity with deadly consequences can occur.
Driver Runs Red Light and Slams into School Bus, Injures Six Kids
On May 4, 2017, KOLO 8 in Las Vegas reports that the driver of white sedan ran a red light and slammed into a school bus around 8:30 a.m.
The school bus was knocked on its side, and 16 of the 40 students on board were injured, according to KOLO. One of the injured children was listed in critical condition and remained the only child still hospitalized on May 5th.  The students on the bus ranged in age from 11 to 16.
The female driver who ran the red light was pronounced dead at the scene police told KOLO.
This accident is a reminder of how dangerous and deadly a miscalculation at an intersection can be for all parties involved. It should also serve as a warning to motorists to pay careful attention to their surroundings at a red light or stop sign.
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Why Are Intersections in Las Vegas Dangerous?
As we said earlier, intersections are busy areas where numerous people come together, so there is a lot of room for error. In Las Vegas, heavy pedestrian traffic makes it even more difficult to navigate an intersection safely.
Facts About Intersection Crashes:
22 percent of crashes in urban areas occur at intersections (NHTSA).
93 percent of red light crashes involving pedestrians resulted in injury (IIHS).
A study of one Virginia intersection found drivers ran a red light once every 20 minutes (IIHS).
52 percent of these crashes occurred at as traffic light (NHTSA).
31.3 percent of accidents occurred at stop signs (NHTSA).
Primary Cause of Intersection Accidents:
96 percent of crashes at intersections are the result of driver error (NHTSA).
Over 44 percent resulted in a motorist’s failure see the other vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist (NHTSA).
Aggressive driving and speed contributed to 22.8 percent (NHTSA).
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Victims of Red Light Accidents in Las Vegas Need an Injury Attorney
If you were injured by a driver running a red light or stop sign, you might be eligible for compensation. USAttorneys can connect you with skilled accident lawyer to discuss your case and decide what steps you should take next. We recommend you set up a consultation immediately. We recommend you contact the personal injury attorney Thomas E. Porzio to talk about recovering a personal injury settlement.

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