(Sacramento, CA) – November 25th, 2016 – A police pursuit turned fatal when the unknown driver who was being sought after ended up crashing his vehicle and killing himself, as reported by sacbee.com. The identity of the driver is yet to be confirmed by law enforcement authorities and other officials.

The driver, according to eye witnesses, ploughed into a light pole at Fruitridge and Power Inn Roads when the driver was attempting to evade pursing law enforcement officers. Sacramento, CA accident lawyers caution that fleeing the scene of an auto accident can only land a driver in more trouble and is an admission of guilt.
Sacramento is not really an exciting place to live (high taxes push business away) but this does not mean you should try to engage the police in a high speed crash since most likely that will not work out in your favor. You will lose no matter what (in this life or the next). If you need car accident legal help you need to call up a Sacramento, CA accident lawyer and you can do this using USAttorneys.com. This website has saved lives before, use this digital tool to help improve your odds.
According to police, it all started when patrolling officers noticed a speeding vehicle and then tried to catch up with it in order to pull the driver over. However, instead of pulling over the driver further sped away and soon it became clear that he was not going to stop, following which a pursuit began. The driver was able to evade the officers and escape momentarily.
Shortly afterwards, an emergency call came in to dispatchers reporting that a car had crashed into a light pole at Fruitridge and Power Inn Roads. The law enforcement officers responded to the crash and found that the driver was unresponsive.
Emergency medical technicians pronounced the driver dead on the scene.
Car accident investigators and reconstruction experts have analyzed the initial evidence available at this time and are of the opinion that the driver was speeding in a westerly direction on Fruitridge Road when he was not able to avoid or stop prior to crashing into a traffic signal pole.
The car accident is still under investigation by the Major Collision Investigation Unit of the department. The driver’s identity, age, and the model or make of the vehicle have not been made public yet. It is too bad some people choose to drive and behave this way.

Two Die in Accident in Roseville after Attempting to Avoid Traffic Stop
Two people lost their lives in a car accident early on Friday morning last week after they allegedly attempted to evade law enforcement officers at a traffic stop, according to sacbee.com. The car accident site has been described as being on Industrial Avenue at Alantown Drive in the proximity of Highway 65. Accident attorneys in California explain that cooperating with the police at traffic stops is every driver’s duty. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary additional penalties and punishment.
A law enforcement officer attempted to stop the driver on Industrial Avenue, but instead of pulling over, the driver apparently sped away much to the chagrin of Sacramento, CA accident lawyers. The driver then lost control of the car, swerved into a median and crashed while moving at substantial speeds. The pursuit initially began in unincorporated county and ended on Industrial Avenue, as per police reports.
Emergency medical technicians who responded to the car accident checked the vitals of both the occupants of the car that had crashed and declared them both dead on the scene. Supposedly, one of the occupants was ejected out of the car while the other remained within the car.
The car went up in flames after crashing say car accident investigators. The auto accident remains under investigation.
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