Driver in Baton Rouge goes through stop sign and causes crash while avoiding police

Baton Rouge, LA – Car accidents can happen in various unusual situations. Sometimes, things like a construction site, police investigation, or other distractions on or near the road can contribute to a crash. In these situations, whoever is directly responsible for the crash will have to end up paying for the damage, even if that party is a local government agency or business.  

BRproud reported on an accident that occurred as the police were investigating an unrelated crime [1].

Man trying to evade police questioning causes collision

The police were in the process of conducting an investigation regarding the death of a local man in the area of Terrace Ave and Napoleon Street. The officers were stopped at a home that they believed was a hotspot for illegal drugs and prostitution, and there may have been individuals and evidence in the home related to the man’s death. At some point during this investigation, a man noticed the police and quickly fled off in his car.   

Shortly after the police started to follow this man, his vehicle ran through a stop sign and was involved in a crash with another vehicle at the intersection. The public information officer from the Baton Rouge police said that officers had only intended to gather information about the case that day, and no arrests were going to be made. However, this driver will now receive a citation for going through the stop sign, and it is possible that additional charges may be filed at a later time. Two people were injured during this crash, and one needed to be transported to a local hospital. 

The underlying case that prompted their investigation was related to a man from Georgia who visited Baton Rouge about a month earlier and was reported missing. His body was found covered by a rug in a parking lot about two weeks before the day of this investigation. 

Car accidents caused by the government

It is possible that someone like a driver of a government vehicle or a police officer is responsible for causing a motor vehicle accident. In these cases, it is still possible to sue the government. They can be named as a defendant in a civil injury case, and the plaintiff can ask for various kinds of damages to pay for their losses.

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