Driver in Central Louisiana goes into water near roadway

Central, LA – Various things on or around the roads can become dangerous if a driver is not careful enough. This is especially true if there is a body of water nearby, as vehicles can get stuck in the water and drowning of drivers and passengers is possible. Whenever a vehicle enters the water, anyone who is able to do so should call 911 for assistance as soon as possible. If the accident was the fault of another driver, they may also be sued at a later time as well. 

Local news for the Baton Rouge area reported on an incident that resulted in a car becoming submerged in Central [1]. 

Police find vehicle in the water but no injuries

Police responded to the area of Lovett Road, near Sullivan Road and Magnolia Square on a Wednesday night. In the area, there were tracks leading up to the small body of water, and a vehicle remained underwater. 

Authorities were able to confirm that all of the people in the vehicle were not injured and no one was inside the vehicle while it remained submerged. The Central Police Department said that the vehicle would not be taken out of the water until the following morning due to safety concerns. 

Defective vehicles

Accidents like this can sometimes be caused by a sudden mechanical failure or malfunction that is the fault of the vehicle manufacturer rather than the driver. In these situations, there is an area of the law known as products liability that can help anyone who was injured get the compensation they need. This is because the manufacturer is financially responsible for any consequences of a product that is determined to be dangerous during normal use. Massive vehicle recalls happen due to these potential dangers. 

Driver error

A common cause of error is driver error. This tends to happen because of things like distractions in the vehicle, fatigued driving, intoxicated driving, or other simple mistakes. Unfortunately, if there is a single vehicle accident that was caused entirely by driver error, it may be difficult to get financial assistance. The driver should still report the crash to their insurance company and get legal advice to explore their options further. 

Legal advice following an accident

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