Driver in Traverse City area causes collision after medical emergency

Traverse City, MI – If a driver has sudden problems while they are driving the results can be disastrous or fatal. This is especially true if there are trees or poles or other large obstacles near the road. When a person makes contact with these objects at high speeds, it is safe to assume that they will be seriously hurt. 

The Michigan State Police responded to an auto collision where a 48 year old male died in Chums Corner after losing control of his vehicle [1]. 

Man dies after hitting tree

Local law enforcement believes that a man from Interlochen was driving a Volkswagen SUV when his vehicle crossed into the opposite direction of traffic, clipped a vehicle, then went off of the road and into a tree. Police say that when they arrived on the scene, it appeared that the man’s heart had already stopped beating, and they suspect that a medical issue may have caused him to lose control of the car. Medical staff at Munson Hospital confirmed that the man had died after he was transported. There was no information given about the condition of the people in the other vehicle involved in the crash. 

Chums Corner is located south of Traverse City, Michigan. 

When drivers have sudden medical problems

Auto accidents with a sudden medical emergency create a legal situation where there may be no fault or negligence. This is because a driver cannot be legally responsible for something like a medical issue that is outside of their control. Such problems are one of the only valid and recognized defenses to causing an accident. However, it is also rare that a person who causes a crash has this kind of genuine medical emergency while driving. 

Rules for negligence lawsuits

In situations where a driver is responsible for causing an accident, those who were harmed can file a negligence case. This means that the defendant did not exercise reasonable care, and the result was injuries to others on the road. A negligence case allows drivers to ask for compensation related to medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and projected future losses. Most of these kinds of lawsuits will end with a settlement agreement between the plaintiff and defendant, rather than a full trial.

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