Some drivers create very dangerous situations by violating the law while on the roads. They can be brought to civil court for any damage they cause, in addition to criminal charges. 

Elderly man is killed by an intoxicated driver

The incident began when the victim was standing next to his Chevy Silverado pickup truck and unloading gardening equipment. As he was moving to a trailer to transfer these items, he was suddenly struck by a vehicle traveling westbound. The crash happened at around 3 pm near the intersections of Tennessee Avenue and 51st Ave North. The victim got forced under the vehicle from the impact, and died immediately after.

The suspect took the stolen vehicle and collided with another car before she was later apprehended after running away on foot. Police believe that the 29 year old female took the truck from a nearby construction site. She was charged with crimes related to drunk driving, vehicle theft, and manslaughter.  

The 61 year old male victim was from the Stewarts Lane area of Nashville. 

Car crashes that may involve criminal cases and traffic infractions

If a driver is intentionally harmed by someone else in a motor vehicle, they can be served with a civil lawsuit in addition to any criminal charges that the government may choose to file. While the criminal case will try to punish the defendant, the civil actions are important to get compensation for things like medical and hospital bills, along with property damage. 

Violations of traffic laws are also important to the plaintiff in a civil case. These can be used as evidence of negligence in court. However, the fact that any law was violated is only presented to the jury. It does not become decisive in the case or take away the jury’s decision regarding whether the driver was at fault or not. 

Negligence and the law

The main focus of any civil lawsuit related to a car accident is usually whether the defendant was at fault and actually caused damage to the plaintiff. This is proven by showing that they breached their normal duty of care on the roads and caused some kind of harm. An important element of a negligence case is also damages. This is the amount of money that the plaintiff will be awarded to cover their hospitalization, lost wages, or other expenses related to the crash. To get an estimate of the value of an accident it is best to speak with a personal injury lawyer and provide them with as much information as possible. 

Get legal help after an accident

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