Baton Rouge, LA – There are a number of different issues that can become factors in a motor vehicle accident and how the people involved respond afterward. An important factor that may assist the victim in their civil case is to determine whether the driver responsible for the accident violated any traffic laws immediately before they caused the car collision. Each state has a number of different regulations related to driving that are meant to minimize the possibility of injuries and accidents. Proper use of turn signals is one of the most important preventive measures that a driver can utilize, which is why it is part of the traffic law in almost every state. 

Signal laws in Louisiana

Generally speaking, drivers in Louisiana are required to have their turn signal activated for at least 100 feet before changing lanes or making a turn to the left or right. Drivers also have to follow rules related to turning or moving between roads and lanes to ensure that these movements can be executed with reasonable safety. The relevant statutes also cover the use of signals to other drivers for sudden stops, or when a disabled vehicle can be passed. 

Violations of traffic laws

Any driver who violates the turn signal laws or other traffic laws may be stopped by a police officer and issued a ticket. During an accident investigation, there may also be times where an officer issues a ticket based on witness testimony of an illegal act that resulted in the crash. There are fines associated with these citations, and the evidence of the traffic violation may also be used against the driver in a civil lawsuit if it is considered relevant information. Various reports and other documentation generated by the government and law enforcement may be used during the case and settlement negotiations. 

Damages that must be paid by the defendant

The person or business that is found to be at fault for an accident generally must pay out losses caused by their negligence. This normally includes property repairs, medical bills and hospital costs, and lost wages or future lost income. There is also a separate category of non-economic damages that are available to victims after traumatizing accidents. This can compensate victims for things like psychological issues and a reduced quality of life. An attorney should be consulted to figure out the specific value of any lawsuit. 

Learning more about civil lawsuits and related issues

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