Nashville, TNMotor vehicle accidents happen regularly in Nashville and other large cities around the United States. Victims will often have to deal with a combination of insurance claims, medical bills, property damage, and long term health issues if the collision was serious. These issues all present their own challenges, but legal assistance from a licensed attorney can make the process easier and ensure that the victim receives the maximum amount of compensation available. 

The insurance claim process

When someone is involved in an accident, they need to contact their insurance company in the immediate aftermath. This is required under the terms of all auto insurance policies. Each company will have a slightly different process, but the basic details of the location of the crash and the extent of the damage must be reported. At the accident scene, it is usually beneficial to contact law enforcement in addition to the other driver to get a formal accident report that can be used for insurance and legal purposes.  

Property damage

Vehicles are damaged in just about every car crash, unless the accident was very minor. Many drivers will end up paying these costs out of pocket if their deductible on their insurance policy is high, or their collision coverage is insufficient. If a driver owns a car outright without a loan or lease, collision insurance may not be required at all. Property damage to other vehicles and structures will usually be covered up to several thousand dollars under most standard auto insurance policies. The driver will use this form of liability coverage as a way of avoiding personal responsibility for the payments for property damage. 

Medical treatment and long lasting issues

Healthcare costs are very high throughout the United States. This means that treatment for even minor injuries at a hospital can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Continued and long term treatment can cost even more, and add up to millions of dollars over time if the victim needs help from healthcare professionals to function as normal. In these situations with huge expenses, most insurance policies will not pay a sufficient amount to cover all related medical treatment. A personal injury lawsuit may be the only option to have these kinds of serious costs covered, as the person or business responsible for the accident can be made to pay for the medical treatment. 

Legal advice about accident and injury cases

Anyone who was involved in a car collision and harmed has the right to contact an attorney and explore their legal options. George Fusner is an experienced lawyer who is available to help injured individuals in the Nashville area. 

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