Boca Raton, FL – Driving always presents some danger, but distracted drivers are much more likely to cause accidents and create other problems. Most states have changed their laws related to cell phone use and similar issues to help prevent car accidents caused by distracted driving, as it has become a leading cause of injuries and fatalities. A driver in Florida who is responsible for a collision can be sued by the victim to be compensated for medical costs and other related problems created by the crash. 

Florida distracted driving laws

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, distracted driving is anything that includes typing, sending, or entering data into mobile phones and communication devices. A law has been passed in chapter 316 of the Florida statutes, which regulates driving and traffic, to make these actions illegal.

The reasoning behind this law is that someone who is not paying attention to the road is much more likely to be involved in an accident. An average text message takes a driver’s eyes off of the road for hundreds of feet at a time. This creates a hazard where the vehicle can hit other vehicles or obstacles. There are other significant distractions in the car as well. Eating, adjusting audio or temperature controls, talking with other passengers, or even fatigued driving have been cited as significant distractions that are responsible for many accidents each year. As a response to this problem, the state designated several dozen areas near highways as safe phone zones where drivers can go to use their mobile devices while on the road. 

Lawsuits against distracted drivers

Individuals who are responsible for an accident can always be made to answer for their actions through a civil case. The victim will often have to miss time from work, be taken to a hospital, pay for car repairs, and sustain other financial losses due to the defendant’s actions. Insurance claims can also take time and pay out insufficient amounts to cover all of the person’s losses. Situations where phone use or other common distractions are found to be an issue may result in a settlement agreement, as this evidence can help prove negligence in court. If the driver received any citations from police for their distracted driving in the moments leading up to the accident, these kinds of cases are more likely to end in a settlement than a trial. 

Determining if a lawsuit is the right solution

There are attorneys available who focus on assisting local clients in the Boca Raton area with filing cases against the person or business responsible for their injuries. Rosenberg Injury Law can help victims receive compensation for their losses. 

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