Drivers in the suburban parts of Miami are at high risk for accidents

Kendall, FL – The south Florida metro area is known for having some of the most severe traffic in the United States. Car accidents are a regular occurrence due to the sheer volume of vehicles on the road and potential for drivers to make mistakes. Anyone who is involved in a collision should follow proper procedures to notify their insurance company and file a related claim if necessary. If these steps are not sufficient to cover financial losses associated with the accident, the victims may need to retain legal help and pursue a civil lawsuit to receive additional compensation and other remedies. 

Traffic and the possibility of accidents

Areas such as Kendall are subject to severe congestion and traffic jams for several hours every day as people commute to and from the suburbs into the city during rush hour, and arrive in the areas where they work. Suburban parts of south Florida are especially problematic for congestion, as mass transportation options are lacking. 

Considering the large number of cars that are engaged in this process, it is certainly possible that a driver will make a mistake that can be very costly. Commercial drivers who operate large trucks also frequent this area, and they may possibly be involved in a collision as well. The person hit by a careless driver may have to deal with vehicle repairs, hospitalization, and lost wages due to missed time from work. This can create a large number of unforeseen expenses, and great inconvenience for the victim. Civil lawsuits are the main way that the victim can receive a remedy and be paid for their losses.  

Deciding if legal help is necessary

There are many ways that an accident victim can try to get legal help. It is important to initially schedule a consultation with a local lawyer and explain the accident to them. They will give advice related to how to proceed, along with the possible value of a lawsuit based on the seriousness of the losses. If the client and the attorney agree on representation, the lawyer starts the process by filing the initial pleadings in the local courts. This includes a brief statement of facts, the time and place of the crash, an argument as to why the defendant is at fault or negligent, and a summary of damages and losses that were caused by the party at fault. 

Finding out more about accident lawsuits and related issues

There are attorneys in the Kendall area who serve local clients with advice and representation that is relevant to their accident. Miller Trial Law is a nationally recognized trial firm that assists with the process of lawsuits and settlement agreements. 

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