Yuma, AZ – When someone is involved in a car accident, one of the first things that they normally do is contact their insurance company to file a claim and report the incident. This process can help some accident victims with paying for vehicle repairs and protecting them from lawsuits by other drivers involved. However, there are also limits to how much an insurance company will pay out to victims, and a lawsuit is sometimes necessary to supplement the claims process. As a general rule, the most serious accidents will require lawsuits to attempt to claim large amounts for long term medical treatment.  

Minimum insurance amounts in Arizona

Arizona law requires minimum amounts for coverage for driver liability, along with proof of proper insurance or financial responsibility while driving and registering a vehicle. The minimum coverage amounts are up to $25,000 for bodily injury for each person involved in the accident, $50,000 total for bodily injury for each accident, and up to $15,000 worth of property damage coverage. Liability insurance in Arizona will only cover the losses of other drivers who were harmed in the collision, it will not cover the policy holder’s own injuries. Both the amounts for bodily injury and property damage also cover losses caused by the at fault driver. 

If the driver wants coverage for things like repairs to their vehicle and other forms of coverage for their own injuries, they may purchase policies with additional coverage from their provider. However, these additional forms of coverage are not required in the state to drive. 

When lawsuits are necessary

One of the best ways for someone involved in an auto accident to receive compensation if the insurance process will not pay for their losses is to bring a civil case against any party responsible. Regardless of whether the injuries are related to property damage, bodily injuries, lost income, and other problems, a civil lawsuit can attempt to make the at fault driver or business pay for these issues. The victim can also attempt to argue for non-economic losses related to emotional pain and suffering with the assistance of their attorney.  

Because each accident is different, victims will require specific legal advice to estimate the total value of their losses or damages related to the collision. The victim’s lawyer can try to negotiate a settlement or win a trial that will pay a comparable amount of damages. 

Firms in Yuma help clients with their accident cases

Schneider and Onofry assist accident victims in the Yuma area with representation throughout the course of their lawsuits. Anyone who is interested in possibly filing a case against the person responsible for their accident can speak with an experienced attorney at the firm. 

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