Yuma, AZ – Automobile accidents often result in a complex set of problems related to insurance, medical bills, lawsuits, and liability. The insurance process often presents the most questions for accident victims, but they always retain the option of getting legal assistance as well. As a general rule, insurance claims should be sufficient for minor accidents, but collisions that require medical treatment may require a negligence case for the victim to cover all of their losses. Getting help from an injury lawyer is almost always the best way to work through these issues. 

Filing insurance claims

Insurance claims should be filed after almost all accidents. In some cases, an accident may be very minor and the drivers can decide to mutually go their separate ways after the collision. However, if even one driver involved reports the accident to their insurance company, the others should as well. Insurance claims are usually limited by the coverage amounts in the policy, which max out at several thousand dollars for vehicle repairs and liability coverage in most cases. 

Will the insurance process pay out enough after an accident?

There is no one universal answer to this question, and it really depends on the specifics of the policy in place and what the company is willing to cover. Most standard insurance policies will cover up to several thousand dollars of property damage and the driver’s liability if they are sued, but not much more. If the insurance company seems to be evasive or not acting fairly, legal help may be required to review the policy in effect. 

What if an uninsured driver is responsible for the accident?

The driver can still be sued and they may be personally responsible for any losses sustained by the plaintiff if they are successful in their lawsuit. Even though these drivers are technically breaking the law, there are a number of drivers in every state who choose to operate a vehicle without valid insurance. 

The civil case against the driver

When the accident victim brings their case, it is usually filed as a negligence case. Arizona has its own set of rules that dictate how negligence lawsuits function within the state, like every other jurisdiction. A negligence case is beneficial in the sense that all of the victim’s losses can be added and won through a verdict or settlement.  

Finding help from an accident lawyer

Anyone who needs legal assistance after being involved in a car collision in the Yuma area can consult with an experienced firm. Schneider and Onofry is a firm that is available to help accident victims with their lawsuits and other matters related to their representation. 

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